Conclave 2017 Black Book Legislation

Conclave 2017 Black Book Legislation

One of the most important duties of representatives attending Conclave is to vote on proposed legislation to the Fraternity's constitution and bylaws called The Black Book on behalf of their respective Chapter or Alumni Association. 

It is the responsibility of voting delegates to be knowledgeable of proposed legislation. Chapters and Alumni Associations are each required to meet prior to Conclave and vote on the position their respective group's voting delegate will have at the Conclave.

All proposals will be brought before the Grand Chapter during the Second Session on Saturday afternoon, August 5. During the Second Session, the Grand Chapter will also elect a new Grand Council. All legislation that was submitted can be found below.

More detailed descriptions of each can be found by clicking the following link: See Proposed Changes. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Grand Council and/or bring them up during the Second Session of the Grand Chapter. Below is a Summary of Proposed Legislation, the subject matter and the Grand Council's recommendation.

Proposed AmendmentSubjectGrand Council RecommendsRequires
#1Rename Alumni Involvement Committee to Alumni Advisory CommitteeYes, Do Pass
Majority Vote
#2Rename Honorary Members to Honorary InitiatesYes, Do Pass
Three-Fourths Vote
#3Ensure Grand Council Candidates Must Be Credentialed & Pass Background Check
Confirmation of amendments to the Black Book already passed by the Grand Council on January 26, 2017 in response to Judiciary Committee’s Statement of Emergency
Yes, Ratify
Three-Fourths Vote
#4Chapter Eternal ProceduresNo, Do Not Pass
Majority Vote
#5Allow Electronic Voting At ConclaveYes, Do Pass
Majority Vote

For more information, please contact:

Alex D. Baker
Chief Information Officer
317-872-6533 ext. 228

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