The Collegiate Advisory Committee

The Collegiate Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of nine collegiate members, geographically representative of the Fraternity, appointed by the CEO and approved by the past grand prytani, to act as advisors to the Grand Council. The committee selects its own Chairman, who acts as a liaison with the Grand Council and represents the committee at each Grand Council meeting. If you would like to contact the Collegiate Advisory Committee, please click here and your message will be given to them.

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The Mission of the CAC

The mission of the Collegiate Advisory Committee of Tau Kappa Epsilon is to serve as a liaison between the collegiate membership and the Grand Council and Offices of the Grand Chapter. Through the coordinated efforts of the committee members, Grand Officers, Offices of the Grand Chapter staff, and alumni, the CAC will create, promote, and sponsor programs, policies, and legislation that address the needs of the collegiate membership. We will strive to exemplify the cardinal principles of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Love, Charity, and Esteem in our daily lives and in our pursuit of a larger, stronger, and better Fraternity. We believe that adherence to this mission and vision will significantly aid the ability of Fraters, chapters, and the Grand Chapter to accomplish their goals.