Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Grand Court

The Grand Court consists of at least five alumni members of the Fraternity, at least two of whom are lawyers. Each member is called a Grand Justice and each covers a particular geographic area. They are all appointed by the Grand Prytanis, with consent from the Grand Council, and one of these will be appointed Chief Grand Justice. Each Justice serves until a successor is appointed. Other duties, responsibilities and expectations can be found in the Black Book under Chapter XXX (Page 48).  

Grand Court Members:

  • David W. Towne, Esq. – Chief Grand Justice
  • Herb C. Huser
  • Joseph H. Straughan, III
  • Steven A. Jones, CFC
  • Scott W. D. Early
  • Matthew Price Oswalt, CFC
  • Keith S. Shotzberger
  • Thomas M. Castner, CFC
  • Ryan J. Vescio, Esq.