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11/26/2014 |

INDIANAPOLIS - The Offices of the Grand Chapter would like to recognize the Gamma-Kappa Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Indiana University for their efforts in actively supporting their community and the families within the Indianapolis area.

On Saturday, December 6, 2014, Fraters from the Gamma-Kappa chapter will be hand-delivering toys to children at the St. Vincent Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. "Not only will these toys represent the physical joy of gifts under the tree, but they will also represent the emotional spirit of the holidays," says the chapter’s GoFundMe webpage.

While this is the chapter’s first philanthropy event since reemerging at Indiana University, they chose to not settle for anything less than a truly remarkable goal. From local retailors and businesses, the chapter plans to fill a 26-foot long truck with toys that they can deliver to the children. "We feel that hand delivering these toys will be much more rewarding to the children, rather than the hospital simply receiving a check," said Sam Kapitan. 

Watch the video below to hear more from Epiprytanis Sam Kapitan about the chapter's goal.

Help the Gamma-Kappa chapter reach their goal by visiting their GoFundMe page today.

Together, we can spread holiday cheer to the children of the St. Vincent.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist

11/26/2014 |

INDIANAPOLIS - Hours ago a number of insiders received a special email announcing the arrival of the electronic edition of THE TEKE. Now, we are excited to share the digital edition with all of TKE Nation before it hits your doorstep. 

Apparent by the cover, this issue of THE TEKE is a special edition highlighting the new direction of Tau Kappa Epsilon as announced by Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Aldrich in September. Tau Kappa Epsilon is determined to eliminate "frat culture" on college and university campuses throughout the nation by being a leader in the fraternal world by actively working to hold members to a higher standard. View THE TEKE today by visting!

Chief Information Officer Alex Baker tackled the message of THE TEKE head on in his Editor letter. 

In this special winter issue of THE TEKE, we took a fresh look at "frat culture" in Greek organizations, and more specifically, Tau Kappa Epsilon. In today's Greek community, search engines, social media platforms and news stories are riddled with a flood of headlines: [Fraternity] at [University/College] commits [Allegation]. In an abysmal series of events, the public perception of the Greek community has adjusted from fraternity men to frat boys.

Virginia Tech's $100,000 pledge to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Bucknell University's 10th Annual Reagan Run and Drexel University's 75th Jubilee are stories that ought to be making headlines around the nation. Instead, as a direct result of the numerous allegations against men and chapters of Tau Kappa Epsilon, media outlets are reporting on heinous and illicit allegations that are casting a black shadow on the virtuous actions by a majority of our Fraters.

As Fraters in the Bond, it's time that we hold each other accountable for our actions. The stereotypes plaguing our Fraternity are unacceptable, and in an effort to take a stand at the forefront of the Greek community, Tau Kappa Epsilon has dedicated an entire issue of THE TEKE to combating "frat culture."

In this issue, we provide candidates, collegiate members and alumni the tools necessary to establish a legacy that is respected by those within and outside the Greek community. Matters such as hazing, alcohol abuse and sexual assault are addressed with specific details on not only how to respond, but also how to actively prevent such instances from occurring. Additionally, in this special issue, we have temporarily replaced regularly featured departments such as #IAMTKE and Everyday TKE Heroes with stories of being Better Men for a Better World.

Fraters, friends and family, thank you for being an active force in eliminating "frat culture" from the Greek community. In this troubling time of incidents and allegations, we are presented with an opportunity to refine not only Tau Kappa Epsilon, but also the Greek community as a whole. Together, we can ensure that Frats Die and Fraternities Thrive.

Yours in the Bond,

Alex Baker, Editor

Visit to view the the digital edition of THE TEKE today!

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Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist

11/25/2014 |

INDIANAPOLIS - Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity is pleased to announce its official partnership with the White House's recently launched "It's On Us" campaign since November 5th. "It's On Us" is a national effort to prevent sexual assault on college and university campuses throughout the nation. The campaign invites college students to take the pledge to stop sexual assault. Additionally, the initiative provides resources for organizations and campuses to utilize at a local level in regard to educational and marking tools. A statement on the White House website states, "'It's On Us' asks everyone -- men and women across America -- to make a personal commitment to step off the sidelines and be part of the solution to prevent campus sexual assault."

Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Aldrich said of the Fraternity's partnership, "Tau Kappa Epsilon is honored to be one of the first of our peers to sign on as a partner to the 'It's On Us' campaign. This endeavor aligns seamlessly with the expectation of TKE members to be gentlemen at all times. We must create an environment where all guests feel comfortable at all times. We must empower our men to eliminate bystander behavior in situations where sexual assault is possible to occur."

Tau Kappa Epsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (PIKE) are currently the only two fraternities to be selected as official partners in the campaign. Other partners include Bing, EA Sports, Newsweek, and the NCAA. To further advance efforts made by Tau Kappa Epsilon, Professional Staff members Greg Roskopf, Pat Gleason, Chris Niles and Daniel Klopfenstein have been invited to meet at the The White House with officials from the Office of Public Engagement. 

Prior to TKE's partnership, the Fraternity had completed an extensive amount of training with more than 8,600 of collegiate members and candidates. With over 97% of TKE's membership base completing eComplaince training, the Offices of the Grand Chapter will continue to look for ways to educate members on safe and appropriate behaviors in all social situations. 

Frater Aldrich said further, "TKE has been a leader throughout our storied history and we must work collaboratively to swiftly bring this sickening act to an end on college campuses."

Follow the link to take the "It's On Us" pledge and learn more about the initiative

For more information, please contact:

Alex Baker
Chief Information Officer