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08/19/2014 |

INDIANAPOLIS – Today, the Offices of the Grand Chapter would like to recognize the thousands of individuals throughout TKE Nation who have taken a splash for ALS. Over the last several weeks, the ALS #IceBucketChallenge has steamrolled its way through social media powerhouses Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the intention of raising awareness, and more importantly, driving action, the Ice Bucket Challenge has become a global phenomenon, and we, as members of Tau Kappa Epsilon, are pleased to join the cause. 

Originally referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. It's a condition that eliminates your ability to hold a pencil, get out of your chair, and even eat or speak. It's effects are crippling and currently irreversible. 

For too long, ALS went under-funded, under-resourced and largely ignored. That is, until Steve Gleason, former New Orleans Saint player, largely known for his blocked punt on the night the New Orleans Superdome reopened after Hurricane Katrina, was diagnosed with ALS. His campaign #NoWhiteFlags has brought support from NFL players throughout the league. Since then, athletes, celebrities and Fraters around the nation have taken the call to raise not only awareness, but also dollars in the name of ALS, now in the name of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, TKE's Chief Executive Officer Donnie Aldrich took the challenge and passed it onto TKE Professional Staff Members Alex Baker, Alex Swenson and Pat Gleason.

The following day, Professional Staff members Alex Baker, Alex Swenson and Kyle Erdman responded with their own challenge.

The Offices of the Grand Chapter would like to thank the Fraters and friends of Tau Kappa Epsilon who have taken the #IceBucketChallenge. And while it is important to raise awareness, it is nothing without action and cause.

Share your Ice Bucket Challenge with Tau Kappa Epsilon by including #IAMTKE in your post. 

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist
317.872.6533 Ext. 252

08/18/2014 |

INDIANAPOLIS – With colleges and universities around the nation having begun the 2014-2015 academic year, and many soon to follow, it is important chapters and colonies take the time to begin the year on the right foot. One of the first orders of business for chapter and colonies to complete includes payment of the Risk Management Fee and completion of the Annual Membership Fee Worksheet. You can find more information in regard to each required document below. 

Annual Membership Fee Worksheet

The Annual Membership Fee Worksheet is your chapter or colony's annual roster. With your assistance, AMF Worksheets are completed annually by your Grand Province Advisor (lead volunteer in your area) or TKE Professional Staff Regional Director.

To allow for the most accurate data, chapters and colonies are asked to schedule a time with your Grand Province Advisor (GPA) or Regional Director (RD) between August 25 and September 8 to complete your roster worksheet. To make this process easier for you, the Offices of the Grand Chapter has added an AMF Worksheet Preparation form on the Dashboard of the Chapter Module. If you complete the prep work ahead of the call, the roster worksheet should take between 15-20 minutes to complete with your GPA or RD.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your GPA or RD. Their contact information can be found on the Dashboard page in the TKE Chapter Module.

Risk Management Fees Available

By now, all chapters and colonies in Tau Kappa Epsilon have received their 2014-2015 Risk Management Fee invoice from James R. Favor & Company.

Risk Management Fees are due in full by October 15. Your chapter or colony can pay by September 15 and receive a 10% credit on your Chapter Statement.

Alternatively, a chapter can set up a payment plan with Eric Johnson at the Offices of the Grand Chapter for at least 50% due on October 15 and the remaining payment due on March 15.

If your payment is not received on time, your insurance coverage will be cancelled and you will be charged an Insurance Reinstatement Charge of $250. Failure to pay your Risk Management Fee will result in coverage cancellation and may result in your chapter's loss of recognition with Tau Kappa Epsilon. To view the Risk Management Fees invoice, please login to the TKE Chapter Module at

For American TKE chapters/colonies, payments should be made directly to James R. Favor & Company at

For Canadian TKE chapter/colonies, payments should be made directly to Tau Kappa Epsilon at

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist
317.872.6533 Ext. 252

08/15/2014 |

Greg Halloran
Compliance Specialist

INDIANAPOLIS - It has been said that the best defense is a good offense. Typically, this saying is used in sports, but Tau Kappa Epsilon is using this approach when it comes to Risk Management. This year, TKE is challenging every group to ask themselves one question:

When it comes to recruitment and social events, does your group have a weak or strong Risk Management Offense?

Weak Risk Management Offense:

  • Groups do a poor job planning ahead and are forced to be reactive rather than proactive.
  • Expectations for members and guests have not been clearly outlined.
  • Members are unaware or unsure of the Risk Management Guidelines.
  • The role of Pylortes is misconstrued and his responsibilities are reduced.

As a result of a weak Risk Management Offense, groups will spend most of their time on defense. They will constantly put themselves, as well as others, in danger. Consequentially, these groups will have to react to incidents that could have been avoided.

Strong Risk Management Offense:

  • Groups layout their events in advance and are open to share plans with advisors for feedback.
  • Members and guests are communicated with and mindful of expectations.
  • All members are educated on Risk Management Guidelines, seeking clarification if they are unsure.
  • The Pylortes is thought of as an important figure and is responsible with his duties to minimize, avoid or transfer all risk.

Groups who practice strong risk management will feel more in control and will act as a team to do what is best for the fraternity. They will be able to look ahead to avoid possible risks and have open communication about improvements to be made.

This year, your chapter can strengthen your Risk Management Offense. As the school year begins, think about how your chapter can up its game. Below are some simple ideas to get you started.

PLAN - All events should be planned ahead. Your group should have a set start and end time, a printed guest list that is followed and selected members who are in charge of carrying out the plan. Planning ahead also means looking at the potential risks and how you can avoid them.

COMMUNICATE - After planning your event, discuss it with your members, advisors and other organizations who will be in attendance. Expectations should be outlined and discussed prior to the event.

EDUCATE - At the start of every semester, the Pylortes should educate the members on the Risk Management Guidelines provided by Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. Risk management should be an ongoing topic of discussion at all chapter meetings, and mandatory workshops should be scheduled throughout the year.

ASK - If you have questions, or are in need of safe event ideas, contact a TKE Professional Staff Member by clicking HERE.

For more information, or to discuss your Risk Management plan, please contact:

Greg Halloran
Compliance Specialist
317.872.6533 Ext. 267