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03/22/2015 |

INDIANAPOLIS - Spring is officially here, and that means it's time to do some spring cleaning. Actually, let's call it spring reporting! A number of chapters and colonies have taken the time to accurately report their activity in the Chapter Module. This helps the Offices of the Grand Chapter recognize the chapters that have worked so hard this school year. Now it's time to review the Key Result Area Rankings

Improve your rank by updating your group's information in the Chapter Module Dashboard.

In the Chapter Module Dashboard, a KRA scorecard is presented to show groups where they stand in achieving their goals. There is still time to change your group's overall score and climb the ranks in TKE Nation. 

See the definitions to the KRA Scorecards for 2014-2015 fiscal year below.

Initiates – Number of paid-in-full ($300), initiated members.

Risk Management Education – Completion of eCompliance training by 100% of chapter/colony of chapter/colony candidates, plus Prytanis.

St. Jude – Number of dollars raised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as reported by St. Jude. Note: To ensure all chapters/colonies receive proper credit, we recommend groups send checks to the Offices of the Grand Chapter, ATTN: St. Jude, 7439 Woodland Dr Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46278.

Finances – A $0 chapter/colony statement balance with the Offices of the Grand Chapter.

PEC Attendance - Number of attendees at Province Educational Conferences that have already happened this fall.

Alumni Attendees – Host an alumni event and submit an attendee roster to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. 

Blueprint – Chapter or colony's active participation and application of the Blueprint development program.

Service – Number of service hours performed for an organization other than Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Philanthropy – Number of dollars raised for philanthropic organizations.

Annual Report – Whether the chapter/colony has completed the Annual Report (Available April, 2015).

The KRA total is a way to measure how active and engaged your group is with reaching your group goals. The Chapter Module Dashboard will also show a live poll of where your group ranks in your region, province, and TKE nation. See where your group ranks by viewing the live KRA total poll today.

See The Complete Rankings Here!

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist

03/20/2015 |

Greg Halloran
Compliance Specialist

INDIANAPOLIS - In the summer of 2010, a photographer named Brandon began taking photos of thousands of New Yorkers. His goal was to put a face to the image that people had of the different New York boroughs and its inhabitants. As if overnight, Humans of New York became a worldwide sensation.

We looked at the Humans of New York project and realized we faced a similar challenge. Many individuals outside of the Fraternity's immediate points of contact do not truly know who is answering the phone, posting on social media or handling various tasks at the organizational level. For that reason, we are excited to launch a new edition of "Staff of TKE." Every two weeks we will highlight a new individual on TKE's Professional Staff. Each post will include two photos and a candid conversation. Enjoy! 

Name: Greg Halloran

Position: Compliance Specialist

Chapter: State University of New York, Plattsburgh (Sigma-Gamma)

Twitter: @GHalloranTKE


Contact Greg Halloran for questions regarding risk management, incident reports, risk management education visits, new member education programs and anything related to the Jersey Shore – not the show, the actual shore.

There are two Greg's in the office, which one are you?
I'm the one from the Northeast - New Jersey, technically. Gregory Roskopf is the one from the Midwest.

What is it that you do on staff?
I work on the Compliance and Risk Management team with Patrick Gleason. I take care of judicial investigations and statistical analysis of our risk incidents. I also provide educational risk management programs and develop success plans for our groups.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
I facilitate programs for other organizations such as the Tri Sigma Officer Academy and NIC's Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI), which just opened its registration. I'm a big sports guy, though not nearly as big as some of the other guys in the office. The Indiana Pacers, Indy Eleven (soccer), and Indianapolis Colts are all pretty awesome events around here, so I check those out whenever I have a chance. I also like to make a trip back home to New Jersey as much as possible to see my family. Oh, did I mention I'm an avid UFC fan?

Avid might be an understatement.
I got into it because Frankie "The Answer" Edger is from my hometown and graduated from my high school. UFC is competitive, and it's individual. It could be over in five seconds or take the full five rounds. I love the intensity aspect. I coached track back in college, and I enjoyed that one on one style with sports.

What made you want to give back and coach?
I had a coach that got me into track in high school. He always motivated me to push for more and to not give up. By the end of high school I got hurt and wasn't able to run any more. Starting my sophomore year in college, I was given the opportunity to coach at a local high school. This was my chance to provide the same experience I had with my coach. I ended up doing it for the next three years.

How has being a coach translated into your ability to work with collegiate members?
I like to look at both jobs as a way of management. There are individuals who you have to work with in building confidence and others who want to be pushed harder. Working with athletes in track, a great deal of time was spent learning how to build the team. In return, I had to educate them on how to properly communicate with each other and how to work together. At the end of the day, everyone is at a different speed and you need to be able to coach, manage or advise collegiate members and athletes to what suits their style.

This is your second year on staff, but first with the Compliance and Risk Management team.
That's right. I was given the opportunity to work with this team, and it was something I saw myself doing well, so I took the opportunity.

What is it that you enjoy in your current role?
I like the opportunity to work with struggling groups. I'm here to act as an advocate for our members and build bridges with administrators, and I enjoy working with men who are motivated to improve or fix whatever challenges they are facing.

It's the second day of March Madness. How is your bracket looking?
Empty - I didn't make a bracket because I don't follow the teams enough, but I'm definitely rooting for the underdog in each of the games. I'm in it for the upsets and comebacks. It's a lot like the chapters I enjoy working with, guys who want to come back to become a successful chapter against all odds.

The next edition of "Staff of TKE" will appear Friday, April 3. 

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist

03/18/2015 |

Student Registration is now Open!

Join us this summer for UIFI 2015

Registration is now open for the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) this summer! Join the North-American Interfraternity Conference as brothers, sisters and volunteers from all over the country gather to develop their leadership experience. 

Each year, several sessions of UIFI are offered, and this summer there will be 11 national sessions available to student leaders from North America. Discounts are offered to campuses that have Chartered IFCs for the 2014-15 academic year. It's not too late to Charter in order to receive this discount! Check to see if you are a 2014-15 Chartered campus or fill out the Chartering Form today!







TEF Grant Opportunity

The TKE Educational Foundation offers fully-funded grants for Tekes attending one of the UIFI leadership weeks. The grant covers the UIFI registration fee and is awarded to members through an application process. To apply for one of these grants, fill out the UIFI Grant Application

For questions regarding UIFI 2015, please contact:

Kyle Martin

Kristin Fouts

For questions regarding a TEF Scholarship to attend UIFI, please contact:

Emily Garrott
TEF Development Coordinator