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04/17/2015 |

Alex Swenson
Programs & Events Manager

INDIANAPOLIS - In the summer of 2010, a photographer named Brandon began taking photos of thousands of New Yorkers. His goal was to put a face to the image that people had of the different New York boroughs and its inhabitants. As if overnight, Humans of New York became a worldwide sensation.

We looked at the Humans of New York project and realized we faced a similar challenge. Many individuals outside of the Fraternity's immediate points of contact do not truly know who is answering the phone, posting on social media or handling various tasks at the organizational level. For that reason, we are excited to launch a new edition of "Staff of TKE." Every two weeks we will highlight a new individual on TKE's Professional Staff. Each post will include two photos and a candid conversation. Enjoy! 

Name: Alex Swenson

Position: Programs & Events Manager

Chapter: Franklin College (Rho-Upsilon)

Twitter: @ASwenson396


Contact Alex Swenson for questions regarding St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Leadership Academy, Regional Leadership Conferences, average-to-slightly-above-average fantasy football advice and Tuesday morning recaps of The Bachelor.

There are two Alex's in the office, which one are you?
I'm the Alex without the Apple sponsorship. I'm also the one from the #1 TKE Chapter in the state of Indiana. On a serious note, I'm the one you do not want to come to for technology advice.

You're known as the sports guy in the office, and you've been on a pretty good streak...
It starts here at home with the Pacers and the Colts. The Pacers didn't do so hot this year, but the Colts made some big moves in free agency so I'm looking forward to the upcoming season. I'm also a big Duke Blue Devils fan, and I had the opportunity to see them win a national championship in person earlier this month. Grayson Allen, if you're reading this, I’m interested in striking up a friendship. And finally, I've been on the Jordan Spieth wagon since the 2013 Presidents Cup and I really enjoyed watching him win the Masters. Jordan, if you're reading this, I’m interested in striking up a friendship.

Our monthly full-staff lunches also fall under your umbrella. How do you handle that responsibility?
You have to remember that you can't please everyone. I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable when it comes to food, so I make selections that I enjoy and are unique; they are choices that I believe will please the majority of the crowd. If you just want a sub tray from Subway every month, you're not seeing the art in creating a successful staff lunch.

Do you do anything outside of staff lunches?
I work hard on our programs and events to make sure functions like Leadership Academy and Regional Leadership Conferences are executed at the highest level. I take a lot of pride in seeing those programs have positive effects on members and knowing I was a part of making that happen.

Are you ready for Conclave 2015?
Conclave is the big show. There is a ton of work that goes into it and we have been hard at work for the past two years, but we are ready to go. This is going to be one for the ages. I hope you can join us.

We're taking a line from ESPN's Around the Horn. Here's The Last Word.
My fiancé and I are in the process of purchasing our first home. Any housewarming gifts can be sent to my attention at the Offices of the Grand Chapter. The living room is brown and the bedroom is black and gray.

The next edition of "Staff of TKE" will appear Friday, May 1. 

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist

04/15/2015 |

INDIANAPOLIS - The Offices of the Grand Chapter is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 Fee Structure for Tau Kappa Epsilon. Following a meeting between the Grand Council and several members from the Fraternity’s Professional Staff, the upcoming year’s fee structure has been finalized several months ahead of schedule.

Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Aldrich shared of the approved fee structure, "I'm very excited that our Professional Staff was able to design a budget approved by the Grand Council that kept fees flat for the upcoming year. After reducing fees last year, we continue to keep costs down and ensure our members' dollars are invested properly."

By finalizing the 2015-2016 Fee Structure months in advance, chapters and colonies will have the ability to properly plan for next year’s expenses earlier than ever before. Additionally, candidates and members can rest assured knowing that dues are not increasing.

Below is a description of each fee for the upcoming academic/fiscal year, which will take effect June 1, 2015.

Fee Structure 2015-2016

Candidate Fee - $75 per man
All candidates must pay this non-refundable fee, which is due within 15 days of bid acceptance. Officers must register each candidate using the TKE Chapter Module. Each candidate will receive a validation email to complete their registration process and pay their fees via After 15 days, the chapter or colony becomes responsible for the Candidate Fee even if the candidate drops out before initiation. Chapter officers should use the TKE Chapter Module to monitor which candidates have paid their fee to the Offices of the Grand Chapter.

Initiation Fee - $225 per man ($300 total with Candidate Fee) or One-time Initiation Fee Option - $675 per man ($750 total with Candidate Fee)
Prior to initiation, each candidate must pay an Initiation Fee, which should be done using Initiates who pay the One-time Initiation Fee Option will not have to pay Annual Membership Fees for the rest of their collegiate careers. If the Initiation Fee is not received within 15 days of initiation, a penalty equal to 40% of the Initiation Fee ($90) will be added your chapter statement.

Annual Membership Fees - $150 per man for the year (or $90 per man each semester)
The best option is to pay your AMF in full for the year, due by October 1. The chapter or colony will save $30 per man by paying in advance for the full year. If choosing the split option, the first installment of $90 per man is due October 1 and the second installment of $90 per man is due no later than March 1. All returning active members of TKE chapters and colonies are obligated to pay this fee.

Graduate students have the option to be active members of a TKE chapter or colony. Any graduate student wishing to be an active member must pay Annual Membership Fees. Graduate students include all students who have received a bachelor's degree but are still taking classes at a college or university.

Founders Housing Fund Fee - $10 per man per semester
Starting in 2014-2015, the Grand Council took steps to realize a long-standing dream for TKE Nation: to establish a long-term plan to help secure, maintain, improve and re-establish housing at active chapters. This action by the Grand Council incorporates a fee of $10 per semester for all initiated collegiate Fraters, due October 31 and March 31, to be used exclusively for the benefit of chapter housing through the Founders Housing Fund. Any member who initiates in the fall semester will be billed this fee in the spring.

Risk Management Fee - $200 per man per year
James R. Favor & Co. will bill and collect your Risk Management Fee. Each chapter/colony will receive their invoice from JRF & Co. by August 30, due by October 15. If the fee is paid in full by September 15, the group will receive a credit on their Chapter Statement for 10% of their Risk Management Fee, which can be used to pay for any other fees owed to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. Alternatively, a chapter can set up payment plan with the OGC with 50% due on October 15 and the remaining payment due on March 15.

Chapter Assessment Fee - $500 single payment; or 2 payments of $390 (Total of: $780) per Chapter
The chapter assessment fee is an annual fee each chapter pays to support the TKE Nation ensuring dependable access to chapter services and resources. For 2015-16 it will be due in two equal installments of $390, one due October 31 & the second due March 31, or a single payment of $500.

Conclave Savings Plan - $250 per semester
Conclave installment payments are due no later than October 31 for the fall semester and March 31 for the spring semester. The CSP is a savings plan offset the cost of sending a delegate from each chapter to the 2015 Conclave. There are 4 payments towards this per biennium.

For more information, please contact:

Brett Widner
Chief Financial Officer
317.872.6533 Ext. 282

04/14/2015 |



INDIANAPOLIS - As a way to support the greater Indianapolis community, Tau Kappa Epsilon’s Professional Staff spent the morning volunteering at Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. The Professional Staff worked to organize pallets of food that would be distributed to over 250 partner agencies providing hunger-relief services including schools, emergency food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.

“It does the heart good to give back to those who are in need, to take the time and lend a helping hand to the greater good. It reminds us what’s truly important,” said Fraternal Services Specialist Travis Skodack.

Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana was founded in 1980 by concerned citizens who had a simple yet profound vision: no one in Indiana should suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Gleaners’ mission is to lead the fight against hunger in central and southeast Indiana by collecting, storing, and distributing food to those in need.

For more information or to share your story, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist