Donor Recognition

TKE Educational Foundation’s celebrates philanthropy and recognizes our most loyal supporters through the following giving clubs.

Lifetime Giving Levels

Tau Kappa Epsilon is the Fraternity for Life: the TKE Educational Foundation is proud to acknowledge the cumulative lifetime giving of our Fraters.

Lifetime Giving LevelsAmount
Golden Eagle Society$1,000,000 or more
Knights of a Lasting Legacy$500,000 - $999,999
Society of 1899$250,000 - $499,999
Grand Prytanis' Circle$100,000 - $249,999
Presidents Circle$50,000 - $99,999
Leaders Society$25,000 - $49,999
Scholars Society$10,000 - $24,999
Triangle Society$5,000 - $9,999
Founders Society$2,500 - $4,999
Opportunity Out of Defeat Club$1,000 - $2,499
Grand Council Society$500 - $999
Fraters Society$250 - $499
Sustaining Contributor$1 - $249

Annual Giving Levels

Annual support is the foundation of our brotherhood, and it is with great admiration we recognize our annual donors.

Annual Giving LevelsAmount
Fraternity for Life Club$2,500 or more
Grand Prytanis Club$1,000 - $2,499
Founders Club$500 - $999
Apollo Club$250 - $499
Triangle Club$100 - $249
Fraters Club$50 - $99

Giving Clubs

Giving clubs are based on a 5-year signed commitment for Business Council or Ambassadors. Knights of Strength is based on having a recurring gift of at least $10/mo for a 12 month period.

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes those who have chosen to leave their legacy by making a planned gift through their estate plans.

Contact the Foundation at 317-872-6533 ext. 246 to learn more about planned giving opportunities or visit our planned giving website.

Business Council

The TKE Educational Foundation Business Council is comprised of volunteers who work to further the Foundation’s efforts to build Better Men for a Better World. Business Council members support the Board of Directors activities, Foundation-sponsored programs, and annual fundraising campaigns – and are invited to attend meetings of the TKE Educational Foundation Board of Directors.

Members of the TEF Business Council sign a 5-year $15,000 pledge, committing to donate $3,000 a year or $250 per month to further our efforts to build Better Men for a Better World.


Membership as a Foundation Ambassador is open to anyone who chooses to play a role in advancing the Foundation and willingly shares their treasure to support its efforts. For more information about how to become a Foundation Ambassador, contact the TKE Educational Foundation.

The Foundation Ambassadors sign a 5-year $5,000 pledge, committing to donate $1,000 a year or $83.33 per month, for quality leadership and scholarship programs for our collegiate Fraters.

Knights of Strength

Knights of Strength is a giving club to encourage monthly donations to the Foundation. To join, simply make a commitment to give an equal amount each month – of $10 or more – for one year. By doing so, you will make a significant impact on the future of our Fraternity.

Pledge to strength the brotherhood today.

Heritage Society
Al E. Wright - Chino Hills, CA
Alex D. Baker - Brownsburg, IN
Alvin F. Walker, Jr. - Chicago, IL
Brian D. Coons - Parkville, MD
Brian M. Bosarge - Covington, LA
Bruce B. Melchert, CFC - Indianapolis, IN
Bruce E. Carlson, CFC - Saint Paul, MN
Buckwheat Perry - Rochester, NH
C. Larry Beaver - Washington, DC
Charles W. Witters - Las Vegas, NV
Chris A. Grasso, CFC - San Antonio, TX
Christopher B. Tidwell - Ballwin, MO
Christopher Beck - Ventura, CA
Christopher T. Hanson - Poolesville, MD
Coby S. Villa Lobos - El Paso, TX
Dale R. Terry - Atlanta, GA
Daniel C. Pelletier - Sterling, VA
Danny L. Cummings - Longville, MN
Dave B. Raddatz - Omaha, NE
Donald G. LaFerla - Joplin, MO
Donald R. Tapia - Paradise Valley, AZ
Douglas C. Ikelman - Atlanta, GA
Dr. James Hickey - Andover, MA
Dwight D. Maddess - Milton Freewater, OR
Edward R. Dominy, CFC - Colton, NY
Edward R. McDowell - Kilauea, HI
Elmer R. Smith - Roswell, GA
Felix Bishop, CFC - Memphis, TN
Fr. W. Patrick Resen - Jefferson City, TN
Frank P. Troost - Hillside, IL
Fritz T. Jacobi - Juneau, WI
Gabe Anaya - Mesilla Park, NM
Gary S. Michel - Charlotte, NC
Gerry Hoy - Langhorne, PA
Gregory P. Woodson - Incline Village, NV
Gregory S. Taylor - Marshall, MN
Gregory S. Wyatt, CFC - Hoschton, GA
Harry E. Hawkins - Murfreesboro, TN
J. Wesley Pierce - Phoenix, AZ
James A. Meyers - Phoenix, AZ
James E. Crockard III - Canonsburg, PA
James M. Hooker - Mesa, AZ
Jerome E. Schewe, CFC - Platteville, WI
Jim R. Haws - Tampa, FL
Joel E. Johnson, CFC - Lincoln, NE
John B. Phillips - Moraga, CA
John M. Manzanares, CFC - Rancho Santa Margaria, CA
John W. Plumb - Altadena, CA
Kenneth L. Georgevits - Concord, NH
Kevin W. Johnson - Portsmouth, OH
Kirk E. Klein - Gainesville, FL
Kyle J. Swetzig - Milwaukee, WI
Lloyd D. Dickensheets - Hannibal, MO
Lon G. Justice, CFC - Cupertino, CA
Louis W. Pfleckl, Jr. - House Spring, MO
Mark A. Fite CFC - Orlando, FL
Mark A. Jacobson - Duxbury, MA
Mark C. Romig, CFC - New Orleans, LA
Mark K. Johnson - Denver, CO
Maurice J. Lindquist - Brookfield, WI
Micah B. Vinson - Mount Laurel, NJ
Michael A. Moxley, CFC - Indianapolis, IN
Michael A. Smith - Atlanta, GA
Michael J. Leonard - Charlotte, NC
Mr. Frank L. Carollo - St Michaels, MD
Mr. James R. Torricelli - Clearwater, FL
Paul C. Aspinwall - Madison, WI
Ray Franklin - Mount Dora, FL
Raymond Challis - Woodstock, GA
Richard B. Walker - Indianapolis, IN
Richard C. Ernest - Lake Forest, IL
Robert A. Jarred - Lafayette, LA
Robert D. Taflinger CAE - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Robert W. Conklin - Albany, NY
Rod G. Talbot - Winter Garden, FL
Ron D. Vilas - Monroe, NC
Ronald F. Neukam - Holly, MI
Russell H. Heil - Peachtree Cty, GA
SFC James C. Upton - Lemont Furnace, PA
Steve A. Jones, CFC - Galesburg, IL
Stuart E. Hallett, III, CFC - Williamsburg, VA
T. J. Schmitz, CFC - Largo, FL
Thomas C. Miles - Marietta, GA
Thomas J. Kuchan - Telford, PA
Thomas M. McAninch - Indianapolis, IN
Timothy L. Taschwer - Plover, WI
Tom M. Walker - Los Alamos, NM
Walter K. Schindhelm - Concord, CA
Wayne D. Switzer - Jefferson, MA
William R. Rothe - Hilton Head Island, SC
Business Council
Brian L. Bates - Atlanta, GA
Gary M. Lazor - South Bend, IN
Jason B. Blank Esq. - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mike K. Nicholls - Tampa, FL
Mr. Ansel E. Young - Grapevine, TX
Raymond Challis - Woodstock, GA
Robert D. Planck - Houston, TX
SFC James C. Upton - Lemont Furnace, PA
Steve L. Payne - Fairfax, VA
Ted L. Bartlett III - Mount Vernon, WA
Ted W. Bereswill - Houston, TX
Tony F. Clemens - Alexandria, VA
Abe M. Webber - Greenville, SC
Alvin F. Walker, Jr. - Chicago, IL
Bill R. Bruns III - Makanda, IL
Chris Niles - Carlisle, PA
Christopher Kim - Sioux City, IA
David R. Wallace - Charlotte, NC
Dr. Rene Cintron, Ph.D. - Mandeville, LA
Erik L. Glenn - Parker, CO
Felix Bishop, CFC - Memphis, TN
H. Scott Apley - Dickinson, TX
J D Davis - Conroe, TX
John A. Reagan - Atlanta, GA
John K. Fabsits - Cleveland, OH
Larry King - Minneapolis, MN
Louie A. Correa, CAE - Midlothian, VA
Marion B. Glover, Jr. - Atlanta, GA
Martin Guerra - Homestead, FL
Michael D. Steele - Clemson, SC
Michael E. Sutton - Largo, FL
Mr. Rob William Jefferis - Delaware, OH
Mr. Tripp R. Warren III - Homewood, AL
Rob J. Guarini - Lindenhurst, NY
Steve L. Payne - Fairfax, VA
Ted W. Bereswill - Houston, TX
Thomas M. Zais - Southlake , TX
Knights of Strength
Aaron C. Dunn, CFC - Williston, ND
Adam W. Nicely - Cypress, TX
Alex Swenson - Camby, IN
Anthony S. Shifflett - Manassas, VA
Aulton D. Smith II - Ronceverte, WV
Bernadette Price - Indianapolis, IN
Brian M. Bosarge - Covington, LA
Brian S. Mochrie - Valatie, NY
Bruce E. Carlson, CFC - Saint Paul, MN
Bryan Gaudet Jr. - Thibodaux, LA
Caleb Smith - Raleigh, NC
Charles W. Little - Miami, FL
Chris D. Craft - Wichita Falls, TX
Chris M. Blais, MD - Metairie, LA
Chris R. Leemon - Menomonee Falls, WI
Chuck D. Frechin - Indianapolis, IN
Cody Schober - Sheboygan, WI
Craig C. Roberts - Knoxville, MD
Curtis M. Howard - Milton, GA
Daniel C. Pelletier - Sterling, VA
Dave M. Lefcourt - Bradford, MA
David A. Wittig - Neenah, WI
Donald E. Aldrich - Avon, IN
Dr. David Cerbone - Bay Shore, NY
Dr. Reg E. Rogers Jr Jr. - West Henrietta, NY
Duane B. Mancill - Vancouver , WA
Einar D. Manki - APO, AE
Elmer R. Smith - Roswell, GA
Hervey A. Hotchkiss - Tucson, AZ
Jared R. Tice - Salisbury, NC
Jay A. Spoto - Grand Rapids, MI
Jay M. Dolinski - Redford, MI
Jeffrey P. Morlier - Mandeville, LA
Jerry Campos Jr. - Bethesda, MD
Jim A. Ryser - Salisbury, NC
Jim L. Totten - Alexandria, VA
John L. Grant, Jr. - Saint Louis, MO
Joseph M. Rugger, CPA, CGMA - Frisco, TX
Justin H. Brown - Sterling, VA
Kevin K. Kasky - Irving, TX
Kevin R. Weiss - Virginia, NE
Kurt Kuhnke - Leawood, KS
Lance Millican - Saint Charles, MO
Lou E. Hoffman, LTC (Ret.) - Tampa, FL
LtCol Jon G. Tankersley - Newcastle, OK
Matthew A. Hoag - Urbandale, IA
Michael C. Russell - Derry, NH
Michael D. Goeldi - McFarland, WI
Michael G. Beals - West Des Moines, IA
Michael J. Cerussi - New York, NY
Mike L. Peck - Huntersville, NC
Mr. Gregory A. Roskopf - Brownsburg, IN
Mr. Joe D. Moss - Greenville, NC
Mr. John E. Oglesby - Oklahoma City, OK
Mr. Trevor M. White - Oshawa, ON
Mr. Will Ruzicka - Quincy, IL
Nathan Lehman - Carmel, IN
Patrick J. McElroy - Coatesville, PA
Phillip G. Kallas - Stevens Point, WI
Richard L. Hollis - Santa Ynez, CA
Robert T. Rigler - Richmond, VA
Robert X. Arriaga Carbajal - Houston, TX
Steven G. Perry - Schenectady, NY
Steven R. Strathmann - Loveland, OH
Steven W. Anderson - Carnegie, OK
Stewart C. Darling - Louisville, KY
Thomas C. Miles - Marietta, GA
Thomas M. Geary - Louisville, KY
Todd Farmer, CFC - Indianapolis, IN
Travis S. Floyd - Fairfax, VA
Vic J. Bronner - Mount Vision, NY
William M. Christian, USMCR (Ret.) - Washington, DC

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