Our Partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Founder of St. Jude, Frater Danny Thomas, Gamma-Nu (University of Toledo)

Partnership with St. Jude

In August 1978, TKE officially joined Frater Danny Thomas in the fight against childhood cancer by raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Now, 30 years later, TKE is recommitted to this amazing cause and will strive to continue the pledge set forth by our fellow Fraters. Even though Danny died in February 1991, his vision for St. Jude lives on.

Danny Thomas formed ALSAC to raise funds solely for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. And while the hospital struggled to sustain growth during the early years, support from individuals and organizations like TKE helped keep it afloat. Danny noted in the Fall '78 edition of THE TEKE, "Every time we'd think we had enough for next year, the researchers would come up with a bigger need. Fortunately, with people like my Fraters in TKE, we have been able to accomplish what we initially thought was a hopeless task."

Though this was the era when fraternities were viewed as wild and reckless, Danny noted how Tau Kappa Epsilon seemed to be driven by a different beat - one of goodwill.

"There's a unifying bond that grows from young men working together for community service to others that will keep them together for the rest of their lives," Danny noted during a 1978 interview for THE TEKE. "And when they work for something as important as saving the lives of children, that experience can't be equaled."

Tekes began a Keg Roll for St. Jude that same year, and chapters from across the country participated. One of the first chapters that participated was the Theta-Mu chapter at the University of New Orleans where their event was a marathon distance (26.2 miles). Many other chapters followed suit and these fundraisers continued until the early 1990s. The negative connotation the keg brought to the fraternal world ended the TKE Keg Roll, but its philanthropic impact on St. Jude is still being felt.

Danny further stated in THE TEKE: "I am proud to be a Teke, and I know St. Jude is going to approve of this marriage between the greatest Fraternity in the world and the greatest hospital with the most miraculous research center."

At Conclave 2015 in New Orleans, Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Aldrich and Past Grand Prytanis Bob Barr announced that Tau Kappa Epsilon fulfilled its 5-year, $1 million pledge to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital--a year early, nonetheless. Fraters across TKE Nation continue to support the children of St. Jude, but we still have work to do. Now is the time to make your work count! 

Pictured Below: Sign outside the Tau Kappa Epsilon wing at St. Jude in Memphis Our Heart to Yours.
The Fraternity of Danny Thomas.

Missing Reported Dollars

Through the TKE Module, chapters and colonies have been doing an excellent job at reporting the dollars they have raised for St. Jude. This has allowed the Offices of the Grand Chapter to confirm with St. Jude that every dollar raised is properly counted for.

Unfortunately, multiple chapters and colonies have reported a higher amount on their KRA Scorecard than we have been able to find.


Help Find Missing Reported Dollars

Mailing a Check

Make sure you properly fill out a check to "St. Jude Children's Research Hospital". Include "TKE" and your chapter/colony name in the memo section of the check. Please see the image below as an example of what your check should look like.

Mail the check to:

Tau Kappa Epsilon
ATTN: St Jude
7439 Woodland Dr Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Do not send donations to the St. Jude main or local office.

Remember that only money sent from your group to St. Jude will count toward your donation totals. Any funds donated through other organizations (Universities, Sororities, Restaurants, etc.) will not count toward your group's total.

Please have all of your group's St. Jude donations sent to Tau Kappa Epsilon's International Headquarters by May 15th.

ChapterChapter NameSchool NameTotal Raised 
100Grand ChapterGrand Chapter$5,852.00 Donate
101AlphaIllinois Wesleyan University$0.00 Donate
102BetaMillikin University$270.00 Donate
104DeltaKnox College$0.00 Donate
105EpsilonIowa State University$3,790.00 Donate
106ZetaCoe College$1,000.00 Donate
108ThetaUniversity of Minnesota$0.00 Donate
109IotaEureka College$1,200.00 Donate
110KappaBeloit College$200.00 Donate
111LambdaUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison$2,750.00 Donate
113NuUniversity of California, Berkeley$0.00 Donate
114XiWashington University$0.00 Donate
115OmicronThe Ohio State University$0.00 Donate
116PiPennsylvania State University$0.00 Donate
117RhoWest Virginia University$295.00 Donate
119TauOregon State University$350.00 Donate
120UpsilonUniversity of Michigan$0.00 Donate
121PhiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln$0.00 Donate
122ChiUniversity of Washington$6,673.00 Donate
124OmegaAlbion College$1,370.00 Donate
125Alpha-AlphaWabash College$90.00 Donate
127Alpha-GammaWashington State University$2,240.00 Donate
130Alpha-ZetaPurdue University$0.00 Donate
131Alpha-EtaRutgers University$700.00 Donate
132Alpha-ThetaWhitman College$1,350.01 Donate
133Alpha-IotaHamilton College$0.00 Donate
135Alpha-LambdaKansas State University$8,490.00 Donate
137Alpha-NuUniversity of New Hampshire$1,795.00 Donate
138Alpha-XiDrake University$290.00 Donate
139Alpha-OmicronNew Mexico State University$200.00 Donate
141Alpha-Rho University of Rhode Island$3,005.00 Donate
143Alpha-TauDrexel University$0.00 Donate
145Alpha-PhiUniversity of Kansas$0.00 Donate
146Alpha-ChiUniversity of Louisville$525.00 Donate
150Beta-BetaNorth Carolina State University$0.00 Donate
151Beta-GammaOklahoma State University$0.00 Donate
152Beta-DeltaUniversity of Maryland$0.00 Donate
153Beta-EpsilonTrine University$380.00 Donate
155Beta-EtaMissouri University of Science and Technology$438.00 Donate
156Beta-ThetaUniversity of Missouri-Columbia$0.00 Donate
159Beta-LambdaAuburn University$0.00 Donate
160Beta-MuBucknell University$200.00 Donate
162Beta-XiBeta-Xi$2,985.00 Donate
164Beta-PiGeorgia Institute of Technology$2,941.00 Donate
165Beta-RhoUniversity of Akron$500.00 Donate
166Beta-SigmaUniversity of Southern California$300.00 Donate
168Beta-UpsilonUniversity of Maine - Orono$2,144.11 Donate
169Beta-PhiLouisiana State University$0.00 Donate
170Beta-ChiSouthern Illinois University Carbondale$2,455.00 Donate
172Beta-OmegaMissouri State University$340.00 Donate
178Gamma-ZetaHartwick College$0.00 Donate
180Gamma-ThetaUniversity of Florida$0.00 Donate
181Gamma-Iota University of Colorado at Boulder$0.00 Donate
182Gamma-Kappa Indiana University$0.00 Donate
184Gamma-MuFurman University$710.00 Donate
187Gamma-Omicron University of Virginia$530.00 Donate
189Gamma-RhoIndiana State University$10.00 Donate
192Gamma-UpsilonUniversity of Texas at Austin$0.00 Donate
197Delta-AlphaWestern Michigan University$0.00 Donate
199Delta-GammaUniversity of Connecticut$0.00 Donate
201Delta-EpsilonCleveland State University$1,655.00 Donate
202Delta-ZetaSoutheast Missouri State University$60.00 Donate
203Delta-EtaNorthern Illinois University$400.00 Donate
204Delta-ThetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach$40.00 Donate
207Delta-LambdaUniversity of Central Missouri$0.00 Donate
209Delta-NuNorthwest Missouri State University$585.00 Donate
210Delta-XiMiami University$0.00 Donate
211Delta-Omicron ColonyCentral Michigan University$800.00 Donate
212Delta-PiEastern Michigan University$0.00 Donate
216Delta-UpsilonMissouri Valley College$0.00 Donate
217Delta-PhiSaint Francis University$0.00 Donate
218Delta-ChiGannon University$0.00 Donate
219Delta-PsiNorth Dakota State University$0.00 Donate
221Epsilon-AlphaSaint Louis University$156.59 Donate
222Epsilon-BetaUniversity of Tampa$2,300.00 Donate
224Epsilon-Delta University of Massachusetts Amherst$1,350.15 Donate
226Epsilon-ZetaRider University$0.00 Donate
227Epsilon-EtaSouthwestern Oklahoma State University$0.00 Donate
228Epsilon-ThetaSoutheastern Oklahoma State University$0.00 Donate
229Epsilon-IotaYoungstown State University$0.00 Donate
230Epsilon-KappaLoyola University Chicago$1,630.00 Donate
234Epsilon-XiShepherd University$0.00 Donate
235Epsilon-OmicronUniversity of Houston$30.00 Donate
237Epsilon-RhoNorthern Arizona University$0.00 Donate
240Epsilon-UpsilonNorthwestern State University$0.00 Donate
242Epsilon-ChiUniversity at Buffalo$0.00 Donate
245Zeta-AlphaWagner College$360.00 Donate
246Zeta-BetaUniversity of Evansville$35.00 Donate
248Zeta-DeltaAlma College$0.00 Donate
252Zeta-ThetaWestern Illinois University$2,645.61 Donate
255Zeta-LambdaBowling Green State University$782.50 Donate
256Zeta-MuWorcester Polytechnic Institute$6,036.19 Donate
257Zeta-NuValdosta State University$120.00 Donate
260Zeta-PiCulver-Stockton College$1,490.00 Donate
263Zeta-TauShippensburg University$0.00 Donate
265Zeta-PhiRollins College$395.00 Donate
268Zeta-OmegaCalifornia University of Pennsylvania$0.00 Donate
272Theta-DeltaFairmont State University$0.00 Donate
274Theta-ZetaRutgers University, Newark$0.00 Donate
275Theta-EtaUniversity of South Dakota$3,200.25 Donate
277Theta-IotaNorthern Michigan University$0.00 Donate
278Theta-Kappa Long Island University, Post$740.00 Donate
279Theta-LambdaWidener University$135.00 Donate
281Theta-NuSoutheastern Louisiana University$0.00 Donate
283Theta-OmicronAdrian College$850.00 Donate
285Theta-RhoSt. Cloud State University$210.00 Donate
286Theta-SigmaSt. John's University$360.00 Donate
287Theta-TauMinnesota State University, Mankato$0.00 Donate
290Theta-ChiFrostburg State University$75.00 Donate
294Iota-BetaSusquehanna University$4,903.74 Donate
295Iota-GammaTruman State University$760.00 Donate
300Iota-ThetaCentenary College of Louisiana$600.00 Donate
302Iota-Kappa ColonyClarkson University$1,734.10 Donate
306Iota-XiConcord University$120.00 Donate
307Iota-Omicron ColonyUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater$0.00 Donate
308Iota-PiKent State University$1,449.57 Donate
312Iota-UpsilonUniversity of West Alabama$0.00 Donate
313Iota-Phi ColonyDefiance College$0.00 Donate
315Iota-Psi ColonyDickinson State University$0.00 Donate
318Kappa-BetaUniversity of Texas-Pan American$0.00 Donate
320Kappa-DeltaOld Dominion University$994.00 Donate
323Kappa-EtaNew Jersey Institute of Technology$0.00 Donate
326Kappa-KappaMonmouth University$3,678.34 Donate
334Kappa-SigmaCity University of New York$210.00 Donate
338Kappa-ChiConcordia University$72.92 Donate
343Lambda-GammaUniversity of Cincinnati$570.00 Donate
346Lambda-ZetaTroy University$120.00 Donate
347Lambda-EtaUniversity of Iowa$0.00 Donate
349Lambda-IotaFlorida State University$0.00 Donate
358Lambda-SigmaKeene State College$0.00 Donate
360Lambda-Upsilon ColonyGeorgia Southern University$0.00 Donate
361Lambda-PhiBryant University$2,960.00 Donate
362Lambda-ChiWayne State College $1,030.00 Donate
363Lambda-PsiEast Carolina University$0.00 Donate
366Mu-BetaEastern Kentucky University$0.00 Donate
367Mu-GammaMidwestern State University$0.00 Donate
370Mu-ZetaNicholls State University$3,617.00 Donate
372Mu-ThetaLycoming College$198.00 Donate
375Mu-LambdaMichigan Technological University$0.00 Donate
376Mu-MuHofstra University$230.00 Donate
377Mu-NuUniversity of Wisconsin-Platteville$0.00 Donate
378Mu-XiCalifornia State Univ., Fullerton$2,415.00 Donate
379Mu-OmicronTennessee Technological University$0.00 Donate
383Mu-TauJames Madison University$2,050.00 Donate
386Mu-ChiUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington$1,195.00 Donate
388Mu-OmegaGeorge Mason University$50.00 Donate
389Nu-AlphaNiagara University$0.00 Donate
395Nu-EtaBoise State University$1.00 Donate
398Nu-KappaWinona State University$0.00 Donate
399Nu-LambdaUniversity of Southern Indiana$0.00 Donate
400Nu-MuUniversity of South Alabama$30.00 Donate
402Nu-XiStephen F. Austin State University$8.00 Donate
409Nu-PhiDuquesne University$0.00 Donate
412Nu-OmegaWilliam Paterson University$95.00 Donate
415Xi-GammaNew York Institute of Technology$1,325.99 Donate
419Xi-EtaMissouri Western State University$20.00 Donate
420Xi-ThetaUniversity of West Georgia$50.00 Donate
421Xi-IotaUniversity of Central Florida$1,976.62 Donate
423Xi-LambdaUniversity of Georgia$0.00 Donate
431Xi-TauLyon College$2,326.00 Donate
432Xi-UpsilonRochester Institute of Technology$252.68 Donate
433Xi-PhiKutztown University$0.00 Donate
434Xi-ChiKennesaw State University$500.00 Donate
436Xi-OmegaVirginia Polytechnic Institute$0.00 Donate
437Omicron-AlphaAppalachian State University$505.00 Donate
444Omicron-ThetaNewberry College$0.00 Donate
445Omicron-IotaRowan University$5,320.00 Donate
449Omicron-NuFlorida Institute of Technology$0.00 Donate
452Omicron-PiBaylor University$0.00 Donate
453Omicron-RhoTexas Tech University$0.00 Donate
454Omicron-SigmaIndiana University Southeast$3,757.77 Donate
455Omicron-TauColumbus State University$0.00 Donate
456Omicron-UpsilonYork College of Pennsylvania$0.00 Donate
461Pi-AlphaAshland University$470.00 Donate
462Pi-BetaBloomsburg University of Pennsylvania$0.00 Donate
464Pi-DeltaUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham$350.00 Donate
465Pi-EpsilonChristian Brothers University$85.01 Donate
467Pi-Eta ColonyTexas A & M University$0.00 Donate
468Pi-ThetaUniversity of Texas at San Antonio$0.00 Donate
469Pi-IotaUniversity of Nevada, Reno$0.00 Donate
471Pi-LambdaUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas$0.00 Donate
472Pi-MuState University College-Buffalo$0.00 Donate
474Pi-XiUniversity of California, San Diego$0.00 Donate
475Pi-OmicronNorthern Kentucky University$0.00 Donate
480Pi-UpsilonTowson University$2,320.00 Donate
482Pi-ChiRutgers University-Camden$2,665.00 Donate
484Pi-OmegaUniversity of Albany-SUNY$0.00 Donate
485Rho-AlphaRho-Alpha$0.00 Donate
486Rho-Beta ColonyMichigan State University$690.00 Donate
488Rho-DeltaCal Poly Pomona$1,600.89 Donate
489Rho-EpsilonNorthwood University$100.00 Donate
491Rho-EtaSUNY-Stony Brook$0.00 Donate
492Rho-ThetaLake Superior State University$0.00 Donate
495Rho-LambdaState University of New York at Oswego$0.00 Donate
496Rho-MuBinghamton University-SUNY$0.00 Donate
499Rho-OmicronCal Poly, San Luis Obispo$1,000.00 Donate
500Rho-PiUniversity of Rio Grande$0.00 Donate
501Rho-RhoSam Houston State University$0.00 Donate
503Rho-TauUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn$0.00 Donate
504Rho-UpsilonFranklin College$3,195.00 Donate
506Rho-ChiLebanon Valley College$0.00 Donate
507Rho-PsiMillersville University$0.00 Donate
508Rho-OmegaUniversity of South Carolina$0.00 Donate
509Sigma-AlphaFlorida International University$1,205.00 Donate
511Sigma-GammaState University of New York at Plattsburgh$1,700.00 Donate
514Sigma-ZetaUniversity of South Carolina Aiken$0.00 Donate
516Sigma-ThetaSaint Leo University$420.00 Donate
517Sigma-IotaPace University-Pleasantville$0.00 Donate
518Sigma-KappaMerrimack College$0.00 Donate
519Sigma-LambdaNortheastern State University$830.00 Donate
521Sigma-NuState University of New York at New Paltz$0.00 Donate
522Sigma-XiSt. Norbert College$715.00 Donate
528Sigma-UpsilonRamapo College of New Jersey$235.00 Donate
530Sigma-ChiUniversity of California, Davis$0.00 Donate
531Sigma-PsiClemson University$0.00 Donate
533Tau-Alpha New York University$0.00 Donate
534Tau-BetaSonoma State University$0.00 Donate
536Tau-DeltaNew Jersey City University$457.00 Donate
537Tau-EpsilonUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa$0.00 Donate
538Tau-ZetaWestern Connecticut State University$0.00 Donate
539Tau-EtaSouthern Connecticut State University$0.00 Donate
540Tau-ThetaFairleigh Dickinson University, Madison$600.00 Donate
543Tau-LambdaKean University$125.00 Donate
545Tau-NuShawnee State University$60.00 Donate
549Tau-RhoTau-Rho Chapter$0.00 Donate
550Tau-SigmaFrancis Marion University$0.00 Donate
552Tau-UpsilonLouisiana State University in Shreveport$0.00 Donate
553Tau-PhiUniversity of Pittsburgh$410.40 Donate
554Tau-ChiCarthage College$0.00 Donate
555Tau-PsiUniversity of West Florida$504.98 Donate
556Tau-OmegaCarleton University$1,655.30 Donate
557Upsilon-AlphaSpring Hill College$20.00 Donate
559Upsilon-GammaUniversity of Minnesota Duluth$0.00 Donate
560Upsilon-DeltaSaginaw Valley State University$0.00 Donate
562Upsilon-ZetaAngelo State University$0.00 Donate
563Upsilon-EtaUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology$0.00 Donate
564Upsilon-ThetaUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County$0.00 Donate
565Upsilon-IotaIndiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis$420.00 Donate
566Upsilon-KappaTrent University$0.00 Donate
567Upsilon-LambdaCollege of Staten Island$2,656.50 Donate
568Upsilon-MuNew York Institute of Technology-Manhattan$1,076.00 Donate
570Upsilon-XiOakland University$0.00 Donate
572Upsilon-PiUniversity of California-Santa Cruz$1,085.00 Donate
573Upsilon-RhoCentral Methodist University$0.00 Donate
574Upsilon-SigmaUniversity of Arkansas-Monticello$0.00 Donate
575Upsilon-TauCalifornia State University, Stanislaus$126.00 Donate
576Upsilon-UpsilonState College at Farmingdale$0.00 Donate
577Upsilon-PhiSUNY Delhi$0.00 Donate
578Upsilon-ChiSt. Francis College$14,923.00 Donate
579Upsilon-PsiCalifornia State University-East Bay$4,854.00 Donate
580Upsilon-OmegaSanta Clara University$0.00 Donate
581Phi-AlphaUniversity of Alaska$2,092.00 Donate
881York ColonyYork University$0.00 Donate