A Vision for TKE 2025

The Strategic Plan of Tau Kappa Epsilon from 2020-2025

Tau Kappa Epsilon has been on a steady course of evolution, becoming a prominent leader in the world of fraternal organizations. The value of TKE is more relevant, more meaningful, more challenging, and more urgent today than ever before. The major goals are designed to accelerate growth and enlarge capacity, unleashing all the potential of the organization.

The Strategic Plan is an inspiring call to action around an exciting vision. The journey will facilitate more invitations to new members, sustain current members and alumni, and forge active networking partnerships. TKE’s enriched vitality will become increasingly obvious in a well-resourced organization that supports members’ positive influence in the world.

Goal One: People

To Advance Our Culture of Pursuing Excellence

Enhance Mission Alignment

  • To demonstrate concrete evidence of TKE’s leadership commitment as a force for positive change.
  • To provide more mission-based onboarding and leadership training at the chapter level.
  • To support the engagement of the Grand Council and professional staff facilitating frequent campus visits to interact with chapter leadership.
  • To standardize the selection process of volunteers and initiate a powerful mission-focused training program.

Expand Educational Opportunity

  • To standardize educational programming with a balanced collection of offerings at chapter, national and international levels.
  • To introduce more TKE-aligned online and remote learning programs to support educational objectives and to set the standard for other leading national fraternities.
  • To roll out more value-added programs for alumni to foster a lifelong commitment, deepen relationships, and champion Fraternity for Life.
  • To invest more deeply in remote and online education to support undergraduate development and alumni connections.

Goal Two: Programs

To Foster the Declaration of Principles, Scholarship, Character, Leadership, Service, Teamwork and Brotherhood

Grow Engagement and Affiliation

  • To introduce new, select partnerships that inspire participation.
  • To broaden and facilitate professional networking opportunities.
  • To include more educational opportunities for TKE connectivity with alumni bolstering enhanced mentoring and long-term bonds.
  • To provide specialized professional development activities for alumni at regional leadership conferences, engaging regional TKE business leaders.

Strengthen Reputation and Standing

  • To create resources to support collegiate and alumni chapters that effectively communicate the mission, vision, and value of TKE at the local level.
  • To broadcast the progress of the extraordinary and transformative commitment to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, underscoring the wide-ranging impact of TKE.
  • To emphasize TKE’s historical and pioneering non-exclusionary clause, as well as TKE’s anti-hazing and bullying policies, to demonstrate the highest commitment to a values-based organization.
  • To establish metrics related to the perceived value of lifetime membership, collecting related data from alumni on an ongoing basis.

Goal Three: Potential

To Flourish as a Well-Resourced Fraternity Investing in Healthy, Safe and Supportive Environments

Minimize Risk

  • To sustain proactive risk prevention measures and adopt new ones in accordance with industry standards and best practices.
  • To continue to introduce procedures that support the precipitous decline in risk incidents.
  • To expand training of chapter leadership to ensure a healthy, safety-oriented mindset.
  • To actively pursue practices that marginalize liability claims.

Bolster Financial Stability

  • To review the Life Loyal Teke (LLT) program, recalibrate and expand it as needed, and develop it as a primary source of revenue and a means to establish greater alumni connection and loyalty.
  • To advance a culture of philanthropy and promulgate an expectation that every TKE make an annual contribution to support the Fraternity.
  • To update annually three to five-year financial projections with several scenarios that analyze minimal, most likely, and robust growth.
  • To review and adjust the annual fee structure to ensure it supports TKE’s financial sustainability.
  • To increase the revenue stream through member recruitment and retention efforts.
  • To establish cost-containment policies that discharge limited revenues to prioritized investments areas.

Goal Four: Promise

To Grow Our Legacy of Abiding Values

Increase Retention and Reduce Attrition

  • To establish annual targets at the chapter level that illustrate a positive trajectory of growth regarding new membership.
  • To develop annual giving levels and benchmark results against similarly situated fraternities.
  • To collect data related to attrition and develop programs to mitigate as needed.
  • To assess attrition with surveys and focus groups to better understand the common themes around lapsed memberships.
  • To gather more input about what alumni find most compelling in their 20s vs. 30s vs. later in life.

Sustain Relevance, Organizational Strength and Vitality

  • To cogently articulate the unique, distinctive, and special role of the Grand Council to lead Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.
  • To raise money to support the long-term viability of TKE, enlisting Grand Council and Foundation leadership to establish a centralized voice and present a compelling case for support.
  • To expand the membership of the Grand Chapter in a way that is operationally and fiscally sustainable.
  • To leverage the integrity and credibility of CEO Donald E. Aldrich, the Grand Council and the professional staff in all fundraising efforts.
  • To invest in information technology systems at all levels guided by a multi-year strategic technology plan highlighting the necessary financial commitments.

Our Strategic Plan

Generating a Forward-Thinking Growth Agenda

Tau Kappa Epsilon has built its reputation on the honest convictions of Love, Charity and Esteem. TKE is a brotherhood, offering scholarships, educational programming and leadership development – it is the Fraternity for Life.

During the fall of 2019, the Grand Council launched a strategic planning process to research and identify the major initiatives to guide its growth over the next five years. The primary objectives focused on educational programming, member experiences, financial sustainability, risk management and leadership development.

The overall process was designed to ensure that TKE stays true to its vision, history and character, and continues to differentiate itself from other fraternal organizations with mission-driven experiences. As it is said, "The only way to predict the future is to create it."

The Strategic Plan is the result of the Grand Council’s ambitious and inclusive efforts to generate a forward-thinking growth agenda. The Plan is intended to ensure TKE’s leadership standing and to support members’ character and personal development throughout their lives, so that society is enriched by their leadership and contributions.

Strategic planning is about designing a chosen future. The process is a thoughtful assessment of the current status of the organization and the necessary steps to catapult it into the future.

The strategic planning process required a candid evaluation of the present. The most effective management approach to strategic planning includes:

  • A willingness to question the status quo
  • A powerful dedication to developing a framework that is bold, aspirational and attainable

Non-profit boards have a fiduciary obligation to ensure organizational endurance. Dynamic organizations sustain a strategic vision with a support structure that safeguards their mission and purpose.

A well-designed Strategic Plan is the organization’s road map to the future, and it will help the organization thrive through frequent and unanticipated occurrences and influences.

Mapping a strategic direction is one of an organization’s most difficult tasks. The pace at which changes occur – in any area, including the world of fraternal organizations – requires constant adjustment and recalibration.

The Process

Generating a Forward-Thinking Growth Agenda

The Grand Council engaged in a strategic planning process to address:

  • What is the future we most desire for TKE?
  • What are the gaps between the current state of TKE and our organizational goals for the next five years?

The strategic planning activity included a comprehensive survey of all board members and key supporters, eliciting specific information about growing TKE’s mission and relevance and expanding its effectiveness as a leading international fraternity.

To commence the strategic planning process, Grand Council members participated in a survey designed to assess current organizational structures and establish aspirational goals. The process was guided by a commitment to exceptional industry and national fraternity best practices. The Grand Council used the survey information to produce a Conceptual Framework.

In January 2020, Tau Kappa Epsilon conducted a survey among 113 highly involved members to obtain input regarding the Conceptual Framework which outlined strategic initiatives for future growth. The survey yielded a 46% response rate, examining participants’ opinions and attitudes toward the Framework’s major goals.

The survey data and Grand Council discussions about the future led to the formation of eight major strategic goals to be pursued over a five-year period:


  • Enhancing Mission Alignment
  • Expanding Educational Opportunity


  • Growing Alumni Engagement and Affiliation
  • Strengthening Reputation and Standing


  • Minimizing Risk
  • Bolstering Financial Stability


  • Increasing Retention and Reducing Attrition
  • Sustaining Relevance, Organizational Strength and Vitality

The new strategic plan includes recommended action plans, as well as strategies to advance TKE’s mission and core values against key performance indicators.


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