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Chapter Resources

Chapters looking to manage fee structures, branding and other essential aspects of daily operations can find more information under the Chapter Resources Section.

Colony Resources

Whether you’re trying to become a colony or earn your charter, the Colony Resources section will clearly explain the necessary steps toward making your dream a reality.

Officer Resources

As a leader in your chapter or colony, you’ll find the necessary educational pieces pertaining to your specific position on the Officer Resources page.

Volunteer Resources

Volunteers and campus professionals can learn and review components on the Volunteer Resources page that will aid you in your ability to assist in chapter and colony development.

Guides to Help You Succeed

Recruitment Guide

St. Jude Fundraising Guide

Social Media Guide

Officer Elections Guide

Officer Transition Guide

Staying Engaged in TKE

Guide for Officers - Crysophylos

TKE Chapter Websites

Risk Communications Guide - Spring 2016