What is the Life Loyal Teke Program?

Life Loyal Teke is a program for alumni and graduating seniors that seeks to build on the vital traditions of Tau Kappa Epsilon as the Fraternity for Life

As Life Loyal Tekes, the alumni Fraters who participate have an opportunity to strengthen both their local TKE Chapters and the International Fraternity, thus creating a stronger bond for both alumni and undergraduate Fraters.

Those who enroll in the Life Loyal Teke program are recognized for their exemplary commitment. While supporting the Fraternity, they also receive additional benefits associated with the Life Loyal Teke program.

With your commitment, you'll join the ranks of those dedicated Tekes who have built and sustained the great Fraternity we now enjoy. And most importantly, you will help ensure that our indomitable Teke spirit continues to flow on forever.

How much does the program cost to enroll?

The price for enrollment is a one-time $399 fee or an annual payment of $18.99 for current undergraduate collegiate Fraters and those who graduated within two years of enrolling. The enrollment for all other TKE alumni is $499 for the lifetime fee and $35/year for the annual fee.