Beta-Psi Colony Colony at Arkansas State University

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Arkansas State University

Beta-Psi Colony Colony at Arkansas State University
Founded: March 6, 1949
City: State University
State: AR
Zip Code: 72467
Phone: 870-450-8845
Prytanis (Chapter President): Brandon Lee Lercher
Board of Advisor Chairman:
Chapter Advisor: Jay Mehul Patel
Chapter Email:
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Recent News

TKE Announces Return to Arkansas State

Published On: 4/8/2016

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is excited to announce its return to Arkansas State University in the fall of 2016.

Frater Les Paul Remembered for a Lifetime of Music

Published On: 8/20/2009

The death of Frater Les Paul (Gamma-Delta, Univ. of Miami) may not have been as unexpected as the loss of Michael Jackson or other stars who die in the middle of their lives. After all, Lester William Polsfuss was 94 years old.

Frater Huckabee To Begin Radio Show

Published On: 11/13/2008

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Frater Mike Huckabee (Beta-Psi, Arkansas State Univ.) is returning to his radio roots. The former governor and presidential candidate signed a contract with ABC Radio Networks to host a program that will air twice during weekdays starting January 5th.

Frater Urges For More Preventative Health Care Policies

Published On: 9/16/2008

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Former Arkansas Gov. Frater Mike Huckabee (Beta-Psi, Arkansas State Univ.) says there can be no overhaul of the nation's health care system without addressing preventable health problems.

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