Apply for Scholarships and Grants

TKE Educational Foundation Scholarship Program

Grand Chapter Scholarships

Every year the TKE Educational Foundation distributes tens of thousands of dollars in awards to our members in good standing to recognize their academic achievement and to assist in meeting the financial costs of higher education.  See past scholarship recipients.

Any Teke, whether undergraduate or a member pursuing a graduate course of study, is eligible as long as they are a member in good standing within a local chapter. A member in good standing means someone who has remained current in all fees and dues payable to the Grand Chapter and has been involved in their local chapter.

The criteria for being awarded a scholarship from the TKE Educational Foundation vary from one fund to another. Each applicant should note the established criteria when applying.

Chapter & Area Based Scholarships

For those chapters or groups with $5,000 or more in their scholarship account, awards can be given annually. 

There are funds managed specifically for every TKE chapter or alumni association. Each chapter is encouraged to promote their fund so alumni know it is there to encourage academic excellence and to interest those who might want to affiliate with Tau Kappa Epsilon. There is no limit to the size of a chapter scholarship fund and based on the Foundation’s experience, the quality and longevity of a chapter often relates to its ability to provide scholarships to its members.  Which chapters have funds in a scholarship account?  Learn more about the chapter and area based scholarships by reviewing the Scholarship Packet.

The SOAR Scholarship Program is designed to help each chapter and colony create an environment that fosters academic success in all members. The SOAR Manual includes details on how to start a scholarship program with your chapter.

Special Projects Grants

Chapters with funds in their special projects account can request grants to assist with their registration for TKE educational conferences such as Triangle Summits, Leadership Academy, or Conclave.  Chapters with funds in their special projects account may also request grants to assist with their educational spaces related to housing projects. The educational spaces grants can cover the cost of purchase, construction or renovation of educational areas in the chapter house such as the library, study room, computer room, as well as educational furnishings, including computer equipment and Internet access.  Operational grants are also available from the chapter special projects account in subsequent years to cover the expenses related to operating these educational areas annually.

NIC Educational Leadership Grants

The North American Interfraternity Conference provides programs that focus on leadership development, personal awareness and general fraternity and sorority community development. Program grants are available for UIFI and Futures Quest. Limited funds are available from donations to the TKE Leadership Fund, and grants are awarded on a first come first serve basis.