TKE Educational Foundation Leadership

The TKE Educational Foundation is guided by a Board of Directors made up of Tekes who meet the following criteria:

  1. Are enthusiastic about their TKE experience, and want to continue to engage as a volunteer
  2. Have been successful in their chosen career or profession and willing to share their knowledge to benefit the Fraternity
  3. Reside in an area of the country that complements geographic diversity, in order to extend the Foundations outreach
  4. Members who are willing to give back in gratitude for the part TKE has played in their becoming successful

The Board of Directors is comprised of up to 30 members, who meet these criteria and who is willing to offer their time talent and treasure in guiding the foundation.

The board is headed by an executive committee made up of our chairman, vice chairman, secretary/treasurer, Grand Prytanis, and two at large members. The executive committee guides the Foundation between board meetings which are held twice a year, with a third meeting at Conclaves every two years.

In addition to the Board of Directors, a number of Fraters serve on committees for the Foundation, helping to recommend policies that will support the Foundations mission. Those committees include:

    Investment Committee, Rob Olcott
    Awards and Scholarship Committee, Lon Justice, PGP
    Budget and Finance Committee, James Crockard
    Audit Committee, James Crockard 
    Board Development Committee, Greg Woodson, Chairman Emeritus
    Grants Review Committee, Elmer Smith, Vice Chairman, TEF Board of Directors, and James Totten, Secretary/Treasurer, TEF Board of Directors
    Fundraising Programs Committee, James Totten, Secretary/Treasurer, TEF Board of Directors
    Marketing Committee, Mark Fite, Chairman, TEF Board of Directors and Lon Justice, PGP

To learn more about becoming a member of the Board of Directors, contact the TKE Educational Foundation staff.