Evaluate Your Chapter's Academic Program

The purpose of this assessment is to help you identify weakness in your chapter's academic program. To use the assessment tool, everyone in the chapter will need to complete the following survey, answering all questions based on this scale:

* Always = 5 points

* Frequently = 4 points

* Occasionally = 3 points

* Rarely = 2 points

* Never = 0 points

Then, collect the surveys from each chapter member and compile the results by adding together the scores for each question. Once you have the totals for each question, sort the results from highest total score to lowest total score. Low scores on a question indicate weaknesses in the chapter's scholarship program. Use the assessment tool again at a later date to see if the chapter has improved.

Do you understand your scholastic responsibility?
____ Do you attend all classes?
____ Do you budget time your time such that studying is completed before engaging in social activities?
____ Do you seek academic help when needed?
____ Do you think grades are important for success in college?
____ Do you understand the chapter laws and policies pertaining to scholarship?

Do you set a personal goal for your Grade Point Average?
____ Do you determine a G.P.A. goal each term by considering a goal for each course taken?
____ Do you write it down and keep it?
____ Do you write it down for the scholarship chairman to keep?
____ Do you review progress toward this goal frequently?
____ Can you explain what must be done in order to achieve his goal?

Are there appropriate systems in operation to encourage scholarship?
____ Are there study hours in the house (or residence hall floor)?
____ Are study hours actually quiet?
____ Do members know of resources available to them for help: advisers, professors, counselors, study skills centers, tutors etc.?
____ Does your study are have adequate lighting?
____ Is there a limitation of social privileges when scholarship is unsatisfactory?

Is scholarship considered in membership selection?
____ Is consideration given to a recruitment prospect's high school academic record?
____ Is a minimum high school G.P.A. required for membership consideration?

Does your Chapter Scholarship Committee do the following (leave blank if unknown)?
____ Determine a chapter G.P.A. goal based on individual goals?
____ Check periodically with each man on progress toward his goal?
____ Regularly review progress toward the chapter goal with the chapter members?
____ Provide a program of incentive and reward for success?
____ Set up support systems to help men who are falling short of their goals?
____ Actively participate in the candidate education program?
____ Provide for the presentation of programs to help in the development of good study skills?
____ Participate in the development of the chapter calendar to ensure that time is reserved for studying?