Minimum Standards for Chapters

Being a Teke is more than joining an organization that 268,000+ other men have joined. Being a Teke stands for being a part of a brotherhood where men of character - regardless of their background - come together to help each other advance and achieve. It’s about aiding one another in our mental, moral, and social development...for life.

The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) made a bold move and spelled out some standards as to what it means to be a fraternity man on a college campus. The NIC established a baseline where all member fraternities are expected to develop policies aimed at ensuring that our chapters and members meet certain minimum standards.

Prior to the NIC’s adoption of these new member standards, TKE had many policies in place which the NIC now requires of all fraternities. As a leader in the fraternity movement, TKE should set our minimums even higher - in essence, we should raise the bar for others to follow. It is time to show the fraternity world that TKE is not only the largest, but being a Teke is something more than the bare minimum. We stand for excellence. We expect the best.

Chapter Measurement   NIC Member Minimum   TKE Minimum Standard
Academics   2.5 GPA for incoming freshmen to join, 2.5 for those with college grades. Chapter maintains a 2.7 GPA for the active chapter.   2.3 GPA for incoming freshmen to join, 2.25 for those with college grades. Chapter maintains a 2.5 GPA for the active chapter.
Risk Management   The chapter has comprehensive risk management programs, comprehensive liability insurance, no little sister program, and all recruitment & new member activities are alcohol free.   All Tekes are expected to comply with TKE's risk management guidelines. No chapter may have little sister programs, all must have comprehensive liability insurance, and all recruitment & new member activities must be alcohol free.
Values Communication   Each fraternity will communicate its values through ritual, performed at least annually.   All chapters are expected to conduct a formal ritual meeting once per month during the academic year.
Educational Programming   Each fraternity will communicate the importance of its members participating in comprehensive educational programming.   TKE provides quality educational programming in our Province Education Conferences, Regional Leadership Conferences, through the TKE Leadership Academy, and at Conclave. All Tekes are encouraged to participate.
Volunteer Support   None.   Every TKE chapter should have at least one Chapter Advisor and a functional Board of Advisors.
Manpower   None.   Every TKE chapter should have at least 20 active members. Colonies require at least 35 members to charter.
Finances   None.   Every TKE chapter, colony, and member is expected to be current on all financial obligations to the International Fraternity.