General Expansion Schedule

This schedule of events will describe Tau Kappa Epsilon’s colonization plans over an eight week period. Events can and will take place at different times, because of this the following schedule is simply an outline for the typical project. It is important to note that the recruitment and training of alumni begins prior to the arrival of the two Expansion Consultants and continues throughout the eight-week period.

Week 1
The focus of week one is acclimation. Because Tau Kappa Epsilon seeks involvement with the entire campus, extensive meetings with the local stakeholders are conducted. These meetings serve several purposes. First, they serve to introduce Tau Kappa Epsilon to the campus community. Second, individual perceptions on the strengths and weaknesses of the existing Greek community and opinions on how a new fraternity can benefit the campus are sought. Local stakeholders are asked to recommend potential men for the new colony.

Weeks 2-5
These weeks concentrate on the recruitment of high quality undergraduate men. Recommended men will be contacted and invited to an interview. The initial interview is an opportunity for the staff to evaluate an individual’s principles and goals in life. The individual has the same opportunity to consider the appeal of the new Tau Kappa Epsilon group. If there is mutual interest, a second interview will be conducted, which will describe the inner workings of the Fraternity. Invitations to join the Tau Kappa Epsilon colony are extended. The staff keeps in constant contact with the Greek Life staff. Appointments and training of the Alumni Board of Advisors continues.

Weeks 6-7
Week six and seven are similar to the previous weeks. Recruitment remains the focus. However, during these weeks the new members of the colony are asked to participate in the interviewing process. Initial colony meetings are held with members, prospective members and alumni. Officers and committee chairmen are appointed and the training of the undergraduate members begins.

Week 8
The final week’s emphasis is devoted to effectively appointing and training colony officers and committee chairmen. Interviews are primarily handled by members of the colony.

Two retreats are held, one with the colony members and one with the alumni advisors. During these retreats a series of educational seminars are conducted covering the following topics: recruitment, brotherhood, risk management, and colony management. The retreats are also a time for team building, intense goal setting and short- and long-term planning.

The week will culminate with a reception to formally introduce the members of the newly formed colony to the alumni and the campus. The Greek Life staff, IFC and Panhellenic Presidents, fraternity and sorority presidents, campus administrators, faculty members and other campus leaders will be invited to this event.

Please Note
This schedule is a general schedule. Tau Kappa Epsilon reserves the right to extend the duration of the project to ensure the colony and its members will be successful.