Students- How to start a TKE Chapter

Step 1: Let us know!

Step 2: Download and complete the TKE Expansion Assessment Form

Step 3: Speak with your campus official who oversees the Greek community to;
                              Let them know you want to bring TKE to your campus, and why
                              Find out your school’s policies and procedures for expansion
(TKE will only expand to a campus if given approval by the proper school official)

Step 4: If the school approves, TKE will conduct initial interviews with each interested individual to ensure a proper fit for TKE and the student

Step 5: Once initial interviews are complete TKE will work with all stakeholders to plan an organized expansion effort; including locating local chapter advisors and forming a board of advisors for the group, before the group’s conception.

Step 6:  Upon conclusion of the expansion effort and the group reaching colony status, the group will

  • Be inducted as Candidates for Membership
  • Begin taking part in the “The Blueprint,” TKE’s Member Development Program: working toward the first milestone, initiation.
  • Take part in a Officer and Group Retreat

Step 7: The colony members will be initiated, and will be supported by TKE’s Area Servicing Team and continue to work towards chartering.

Step 8: Once the colony has met the chartering requirements they petition the Grand Council for recognition as an active TKE Chapter.

Step 9: Upon approval by the Grand Council the Chapter will hold a Chartering Ceremony to be recognized as an active TKE Chapter