One of the biggest misconceptions is that financial matters are the responsibility of the Crysophylos. One of the most common reasons that a group fails is poor financial management -- too many members not paying their bills, expenditures in excess of income, deterioration of physical facilities, cancellation of events, etc. Every man has a right to know how his money is being spent, and should insist that it is spent wisely.

The Crysophylos is the Chief Financial Officer of the chapter, but he is aided by the Recruitment Committee, House Committee, Social Committee, Activities Committee and the other officers on the executive board. Without the help of these individuals, it is impossible to ask the Crysophylos to budget, collect, and properly distribute funds.
Use the links to the left to build a budget, establish financial stability, and properly report spending/ income, among other things. This all sounds very daunting, but once you create the fundamentals the chapter will begin running like a well-oiled machine. Everything can then be passed down to the next person in charge. The biggest thing to remember is that brotherhood begins when the bills are paid.