Futures Quest

Futures Quest is a leadership development program of the North American Interfraternity Conference. Each winter, three weekend long sessions are conducted for men who have joined a fraternity in the last year. The focus of the weekend is identifying personal strength and limitations, developing leadership and communication skills, exploring personal values and strength of conviction, and making a commitment to fraternal ideals.

Futures Quest is an intensive living-learning experience, with programs starting early in the morning and stretching well into the evenings. Together, participants are exposed to new ideas and possibilities, and they are encouraged to apply what they learn to their future fraternal experience. We learn from each other, stretch our boundaries, discover strengths, and dream about a successful future for fraternities.

Futures Quest takes place in the outdoors in Central Indiana. The wooded and beautiful retreat site offers modern facilities for our learning, sleeping, recreational, and food needs. A high ropes course is a critical part of the weekend for all participants. The challenges of the course are symbolic of the challenges of leadership for each of us.

Each participant is guided through the Quest by a mentor, an experienced fraternity leader who will share his knowledge and offer guidance in a variety of ways. The relationship developed between participant and mentor is strong and lasting. You will meet and interact with an amazing group of men. You arrive as strangers, and leave as interfraternal brothers. The bonds of friendship and the interfraternal spirit are forged quickly and remain with you.

The TKE Educational Foundation offers grant assistance to Tekes participating in Futures Quest. These grants will be awarded through an application process. To apply for a grant, fill out the Futures Quest Grant Application (pdf) and return to the Foundation. Make a donation today to support this program.