The Blueprint

The Blueprint Program is an innovative and interactive program that leads participants through their collegiate career with a structure for life-long learning. The program has four levels members seek to attain: Initiation, Order of the Founders, Knights of Classic Lore, and Fraternity for Life.

This groundbreaking cornerstone program allows participants to select their own curriculum. Each level has three modules: Mental, Moral, and Social Development. Within each module are seven to twelve tasks of which participants are required to complete between two to five. Each member is given an opportunity to complete activities they believe will help them in their future that are both exciting and entertaining. There are individual tasks as well as those that can be completed in a group setting.
The program benefits both Tau Kappa Epsilon and each individual member. The organization asks for commitments from both entities that want to adopt this program to ensure its success. The major commitments are that the program will be done devoid of hazing and that the group commits to complete the program in its entirety, not relegating the program to a certain group of individuals within the group.
We believe that this will enhance our brotherhood and build better men, which will in turn build a better world.
Chapters/Colonies on The Blueprint work with the Offices of the Grand Chapter to have the program installed and connect a local volunteer to the group who will ensure the success and longevity of The Blueprint on that particular campus.
 For more information or to apply to the program, please print off an application and email, fax, or mail it to Donnie Aldrich, Assistant Director of Programs.