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07/29/2014 |

Indianapolis – Amongst other traits, the foundation of Tau Kappa Epsilon is based on the brotherhood demonstrated by Fraters in times of sorrow. When a Frater or friend of TKE is in need, the manner is which we respond is a glimpse into the true character and rectitude of our nature.

The Fraters of Rowan University (Omicron-Iota) in Glassboro, New Jersey epitomize Love, Charity, and Esteem. Last year, in an unfortunate series of events, Frater Matthew Hruszczak was involved in a car accident in which he fell into a coma. Without hesitation, the men of TKE at Rowan University came to the aid of Matthew's mother. "It was at a tough time in my life at that point. I wasn't in a good place financially to handle the expenses presented," said Matthew's mother, Noreen Crowle. "The brothers of TKE at Rowan handed me a $7,000 check just days after the event. I didn't lose my house because of those guys. It was unbelievable."

For the next seven months, Matthew remained in a coma at a hospital in Florida, but the brotherhood of the men at Rowan did not waver. Brothers of the Omicron-Iota chapter provided Noreen with the support she needed. "They helped Matthew and I in so many ways. A majority of these guys were 19, 20 and 21. The love they gave to us is indescribable," said Noreen.

Fraters of the Omicron-Iota chapter knew it was time to come to the aid of Matthew and Noreen. Visiting Matthew's favorite running trail, members worked to share the memory of Matthew in any way possible. "We were taking it pretty hard," said chapter Crysophylos Jacob Basch. "He had a favorite running trail, and we were out there and said some prayers and shared stories."

The running trail brought the brothers of Omicron-Iota together. With full hearts, the chapter decided to host a 5k run in Matthew's name. They also worked with Rowan University to present Matthew with an honorary degree.

Unfortunately, Matthew passed after several months of being in a coma.

Fraters, friends and family celebrated Matthew's life following his passing. "There were over 225 fraternity and sorority individuals who came to celebrate Matthew's life," said Noreen. "What is life all about? It's not about money or possessions; it's about the love you demonstrate. These young men demonstrated true love, and as a mother, the actions and warmth displayed by these brothers is beyond words."

"I can't let this go by without having these guys be recognized. I will never forget these men and what they did for my son and I. As a human being, and as a mother, I am blessed for the life Matthew lived and the brothers he made. The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon acted in a manner in which they demonstrated true compassion and love."

The Offices of the Grand Chapter recognizes the men of Omicron-Iota for living our values of Love, Charity and Esteem. These Fraters showcase what it means to be a Teke each and every day.

For more information, or to share your own story, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist
317.872.6533 ext. 252

07/25/2014 |

Indianapolis – Each academic year, to ensure the success of colonies and chapters throughout TKE Nation, Tau Kappa Epsilon sets metrics for each group called Key Result Areas (KRAs). These measurements were established to keep TKE chapters and colonies accountable. The Key Result Areas ensure that future generations will have a solid foundation for years to come.

You can find your chapter or colony's KRAs by visiting the Chapter Module. The Chapter Module allows you to view, track, and manage your group's activity. To ensure your group is in sync with the Offices of the Grand Chapter records, it's important you visit the module frequently.

Below are a few key additions & new definitions to the KRA Scorecards for 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Initiates – Number of paid-in-full, initiated members. View the 2014-2015 fee structure here.

Risk Management Education – We will be launching an eCompliance system next month that the chapter/colony Prytanis and each candidate must complete. It is comprised of three videos, totaling about 15 minutes, discussing TKE's Risk Management Guidelines. After the videos, there is a short assessment. 

St. Jude – Number of dollars raised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as reported by St. Jude. Note: To ensure all chapters/colonies receive proper credit, we recommend groups send checks to the Offices of the Grand Chapter, ATTN: St. Jude.

Finances – A $0 chapter/colony statement balance with the Offices of the Grand Chapter.

PEC Attendance - Number of attendees at Province Educational Conferences. With over 30 PECs already schedule for this fall, we aim to reach over 1,300 members in attendance.

Alumni Attendees – Chapter/colonies that host an alumni event and submit an attendee roster to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. 

Blueprint – Chapter or colony's active participation and application of the Blueprint development program.

Service – Number of service hours performed for an organization other than Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Philanthropy – Number of dollars raised for philanthropic organizations.

Annual Report – Whether the chapter/colony has completed the Annual Report (Available April, 2015).

KRAs were established to ensure TKE continues to build Better Men for a Better World. Your efforts will make the 2014-2015 fiscal year another great success! 

For more information, please contact:

Alex Baker
Chief Information Officer

07/24/2014 |

Indianapolis – Tau Kappa Epsilon announces restructuring of several positions within the TKE Professional Staff. Effective immediately, the position of Associate Regional Director (ARD) will be realigned and referred to as Fraternal Services Specialist (FSS), Frater Todd Farmer will be taking on a new role as Director of Alumni Engagement and Frater Jeremiah Smith will assume the position of Web Developer.

TKE has redesigned our organization model to optimize resources more efficiently, and aligns staff more effectively with the support of regional, provincial and chapter needs.

Fraternal Services Specialists

Each of the Fraternal Services Specialists will serve in all of Tau Kappa Epsilon's four regions – eliminating the boundaries recently associated with ARDs. In this role, Fraternal Services Specialists will be better suited to serve specific needs of chapters across the nation, while continuing to engage chapters in recruitment, compliance, service, philanthropy and leadership.

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is committed to providing the best support and guidance to Fraters on every campus. With Fraternal Services Specialists ability to travel into each of TKE's four regions, TKE will be better equipped to aid in the development and growth of chapters and colonies. This new structure will also allow FSSs greater control in calculating budget expenses – cutting unnecessary expenses and traveling time.

Fraters Kyle Erdman (Alpha-Gamma, Washington State University), Gabe Espinosa (Beta-Xi, Arizona State University), Cory Martin (Upsilon-Iota, IUPUI), and Travis Skodack (Nu-Eta, Boise State University) will each serve as Fraternal Services Specialists.

Kyle Erdman

Gabe Espinosa

Cory Martin

Travis Skodack

"With a constantly evolving landscape surrounding Greek Communities across the United States and Canada, I'm excited to be in a position to engage and better serve our collegiate members," said new Fraternal Services Specialist Kyle Erdman.

Additional Staff Announcements

Newly appointed Director of Alumni Engagement, Frater Todd Farmer (Xi-Theta, University of West Georgia) has served the Fraternity for over 20 years in several capacities. "I'm excited to identify and engage the thousands of alumni where TKE has been missing from their life," says Farmer. Todd will be attending and hosting alumni events across the country in an effort to attract new volunteers and increase alumni involvement in key areas.  

Frater Jeremiah Smith (Grand Chapter) in his new role of Web Developer will be tasked with the responsibility of designing, coding and modifying the website from layout to function. "Programming has always been a childhood dream of mine. I’ve always wanted this opportunity. To see what we can accomplish and how we can further engage collegiate and alumni members is very exciting to me," said Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a graduate of ITT Technical Institute and Kentucky native.

The position of Regional Director will continue to operate in its current role. Please join us in congratulating these Fraters on their new roles, and congratulating the entire team on a job well done in 2013-2014.

For more information, please contact:

Alex Baker
Chief Information Officer