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04/17/2014 |

The men at University of Central Oklahoma (Epsilon-Sigma) are jumping for 80 hours to raise money to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Besides setting up an online fundraising page through St. Jude's TKE portal, they have also set up a live YouTube feed of their event.

Fraters Forest Myers (Histor & Philanthropy Chairman) and Correy Whoolery (Prytanis) were interviewed on local KOFR-TV Newschannel 4.

At the time of this article, they have already raised over $630.  The event began on April 15th at 9am and runs through April 18th at 5pm central time.

In honor of St. Jude's founder, Frater Danny Thomas, Tau Kappa Epsilon has committed $1 million dollars to name one of the MRI suites at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  The fraternity as a whole is nearly half way through that goal.  Because of great groups like Epsilon-Sigma at University of Central Oklahoma, TKE is helping to raise hope for the children at St. Jude.

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Alex Swenson
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04/16/2014 |



The longest serving Professional Staff member in Fraternity and Sorority Life history is Tau Kappa Epsilon's very own Katie Sayre. Katie began her career at TKE on April 22, 1969. She has served our fraternity in three separate headquarters offices, through 8 Chief Executive Officer terms, and through 22 Grand Prytani elections. Katie has been an instrumental part of the success of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity for close to half a century.

Her work has gone into THE TEKE Magazine, THE TEKE Guide, and other publications. Her ability to connect generations of fraternity history makes her the greatest archivist our fraternity has ever seen. She started her journey with TKE on a typewriter, and has adapted her skills to dominate the usage of modern technology today. The times of the fraternity have certainly shifted around her, but her determination to serve TKE has made her adaptive and successful in any change that has come her way.

Katie has been a part of over 180 issues of THE TEKE Magazine. She has published more than 10,000 pages of content in various publications. Her collection of the history and stories in TKE Nation keeps record of the legacies that our members and groups have made in their chapters and on their campuses.

We celebrate Katie Sayre as she continues serving Tau Kappa Epsilon today. Her service has been un-matched by any other person outside of our organization. Her work has put her inside of the history books of TKE forever. Katie will always be a part of the Tau Kappa Epsilon family. After all, you cannot spell ‘KATIE' without ‘TKE'.

Congratulations on 45 years of service Katie! We are inspired to see what you continue to do for TKE in the future.


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Kyle Erdman
Communications Specialist

04/13/2014 |

Gamma-Kappa continues their growth in Bloomington, IN.

Gamma-Omicron posses after ritual in Charlottesville, VA.


The Gamma-Kappa Chapter at Indiana University and the Gamma-Omicron Chapter at the University of Virginia celebrated their chartering installations yesterday. The two historic chapters have re-claimed their legacies on campus and their status in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Yesterday was a time to celebrate the moments leading up to the milestone, and to set the vision for the success in the future.

"Last night was a celebration of all of our hard work that has led up to this moment. It was such an exciting time being able to finally see this great group of men receive this honor. The future is bright for this group as we strive to be better men setting the example on our campus, as well as, become a top chapter throughout TKE," said Gamma-Kappa Prytanis Nathan Decker.

"Having the privilege to be prytanis of Gamma-Omicron for our chartering was incredible. I am extremely proud of all of our members to be able to do this in less than 2 years and charter with 55 great guys. The University of Virginia has a very prominent Greek system and we will keep our momentum going. If we can go from 2 guys in a coffee shop to 55 initiated fraters in 2 years, I see us as one of the most prominent fraternities at UVA in another 2," said Gamma-Omicron Prytanis Tim Barry.

Congratulations to Gamma-Kappa and Gamma-Omicron on your chartering milestone; continue to grow and surpass expectations in the future.

For more information, please contact:

Kyle Erdman
Communications Specialist