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09/16/2014 |

Central Michigan University

INDIANAPOLIS – Last weekend, Tau Kappa Epsilon began expanding the foundation of its brotherhood. Now, Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) and Central Michigan University (CMU) are working to develop their groups in TKE Nation following the initiation 23 men at SEMO and 21 men at CMU.

Over the past month, Tau Kappa Epsilon's Fraternal Service Specialists Kyle Erdman (Alpha-Gamma, Washington State) and Gabe Espinosa (Beta-Xi, Arizona State) worked with campus administrators and Interfraternity Council members to build a legacy at CMU and SEMO. 

"Tau Kappa Epsilon gained a tremendous group of young leaders with the recently initiated men of the Delta-Omicron group at Central Michigan University," said Kyle Erdman. "With a mindset of leaving behind a legacy in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, this group of Tekes will raise the bar for what is expected of new groups in TKE Nation."

After a 24-year absence, Tau Kappa Epsilon began expanding on the Southeast Missouri State campus for the fall semester. With the help of alumni throughout the Cape Girardeau area, Gabe Espinosa utilized his resources to reach out to 89% of SEMO students who wouldn't necessarily think about joining a Greek organization.

Southeast Missouri State University

"Delta-Zeta at SEMO gained an absolutely remarkable group of individuals. I'm confident that these men will quickly rise to be a top chapter in TKE Nation. We have the foundation in place, and now it's time to build a legacy," said Frater Espinosa.

As Fraters from Delta-Zeta and Delta-Omicron work to expand their group, they will be aided by local alumni support throughout the region. 

"The alumni support and volunteers in the Great Lakes Province will continue to push this group to excel and succeed as a top performing organization of Tau Kappa Epsilon in the future. I am proud to have met such a great group of Fraters and even more excited to see what they achieve in the future," said Frater Erdman. 

Read Southeast Missouri State University's student publication article about TKE's return.

For more information, or to submit your own #TekeTuesday story, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
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09/15/2014 |

INDIANAPOLIS – Today, September 15, 2014, is the final day to submit your chapter or colony Annual Membership Fee Worksheet and the final day to receive the Early Bird Discount on your Risk Management Fees. This AMF worksheet must be completed by your Grand Province Advisor or TKE Professional Staff Regional Director. Chapter and colonies that wish to receive a 10% on their chapter statement must pay the Risk Management Fee in full by end of business. 

See below for details in regard to each form and its corresponding due date. 

Annual Membership Fee Worksheet Due September 15

The Annual Membership Fee Worksheet is your chapter or colony's annual roster. With your assistance, AMF Worksheets are completed annually by your Grand Province Advisor (lead volunteer in your area) or TKE Professional Staff Regional Director.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your GPA or RD. Their contact information can be found on the Dashboard page in the TKE Chapter Module.

Risk Management Fees Due October 15

All chapters and colonies in Tau Kappa Epsilon have received their 2014-2015 Risk Management Fee invoice from James R. Favor & Company. Risk Management Fees are due in full by October 15. Your chapter or colony can pay by September 15 and receive a 10% credit on your Chapter Statement.

Alternatively, a chapter can set up a payment plan with Eric Johnson at the Offices of the Grand Chapter for at least 50% due on October 15 and the remaining payment due on March 15.

If your payment is not received on time, your insurance coverage will be cancelled and you will be charged an Insurance Reinstatement Charge of $250. Failure to pay your Risk Management Fee will result in coverage cancellation and may result in your chapter's loss of recognition with Tau Kappa Epsilon. To view the Risk Management Fees invoice, please login to the TKE Chapter Module at

For American TKE chapters/colonies, payments should be made directly to James R. Favor & Company at

For Canadian TKE chapter/colonies, payments should be made directly to Tau Kappa Epsilon at

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist
317.872.6533 Ext. 252

09/15/2014 |

The Tau-Omega & Upsilon-Iota chapters of Tau Kappa Epsilon did a phenomenal job in the first St. Jude Challenge. Tau-Omega found success through St. Jude's free online fundraising utilities, and Upsilon-Iota is still counting dollars from their annual Miles for Memphis event.

Now, after a great first week, Tau-Omega and Upsilon-Iota have passed the torch. Nu-Mu of the University of South Alabama and Sigma-Gamma of SUNY - Plattsburgh have been called out. Fraters, you are on the clock. 


To Learn More About the St. Jude Challenge

The St. Jude Challenge is an online fundraising competition that puts specific men of Tau Kappa Epsilon in the fundraising spotlight. Participating chapters/colonies who register for the St. Jude Challenge will wait for their name to be called. Every two weeks, one chapter/colony in TKE Nation will have all eyes on them as they fundraise as much as they can for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Utilizing the online fundraising pages, members are encouraged to utilize social media to fundraise money from Fraters, friends, and family. Does your group have what it takes to be crowned the St. Jude Challenge Champion?

How to Compete in the St. Jude Challenge:

  • Register for the St. Jude Challenge by Emailing Alex Swenson.
  • Set up a St. Jude Chapter Fundraising Page Here.
  • Wait for your chapter to be called through the TKE Facebook/Twitter Pages.
  • Accept the Challenge.
  • Raise as much money as you can in two weeks.
  • Challenge another chapter/colony in TKE Nation.
For more information, please contact:

Alex Swenson
Programs and Events Manager
317.872.6533 Ext. 225