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What is Your New Year's Resolution, #IAMTKE

Post using #IAMTKE and you could be featured in an upcoming issue of THE TEKE magazine

2013 has been a year of growth and innovation for Tau Kappa Epsilon. 2014 has now arrived and our beloved fraternity has already begun embarking on another biennium. While serving our community and our campus, we are reminded that the everyday Teke makes the fraternity stronger through both actions and words. No Frater's experience should ever go unnoticed. The perspective and thoughts of every member of Tau Kappa Epsilon is the reality of building Better Men for a Better World.

The Offices of the Grand Chapter are excited to announce a different way to communicate as members of TKE. Using the hashtag, #IAMTKE, members are encouraged to share their fraternal experience and the daily actions that enforce the values of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Using Social Media, we plan to target the relevant topics and issues that our members are currently facing. #IAMTKE is a way to express the successes you go through and the lessons you learn while being involved with Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

Now is the time to join in on the conversation and share your voice in TKE nation. This is your experience. This is your fraternity. The conversation starts here.

Through the Tau Kappa Epsilon Facebook and Twitter pages, please use #IAMTKE and share what your New Year's Resolution will be in the year 2014. Stay engaged throughout the year for online discussions, questions, and opportunities to voice what being a Teke means to you.  Your comments may even be featured in upcoming issues of THE TEKE throughout 2014.

Happy New Year Fraters!

Tweet us your New Years Resolutions now using the hashtag #IAMTKE.