Succeeding at Spring Recruitment

Succeeding at Spring Recruitment

The fiscal year for Tau Kappa Epsilon continues as members and potential new members (PNMs) return to college campuses across TKE nation. Men who missed out on joining a fraternity last fall will have the opportunity to make that life changing commitment this spring. The spring is an opportunity for TKE chapters and colonies to jump up in the LIVE Recruitment Poll and to recruit men who do not understand the value of joining a fraternity yet. Sometimes the best leaders in our groups come from the men who did not want to join a fraternity when they arrived on campus. Now is the time to show potential members on your campus why the Tekes are something worth joining. Here is 5 recruitment tips that will help your chapter/colony make this spring recruitment class one your chapter will never forget: 

1. Personalize the Recruitment Process

Every PNM can look up the facts and famous alumni of TKE. Use this spring to recruit on a deeper level. Express to them why you joined Tau Kappa Epsilon and how the fraternity has changed your life. Encourage your members to personalize their recruitment pitch and focus on what makes their story different. Try to relate to the passions of the recruits; maybe they value family, sports, academics, or friendship. How will TKE provide these men with exactly what they are looking for?

2. Recruit Campus Leaders

Sophomores, Juniors, and even Seniors can still make great members for your chapter/colony. Tau Kappa Epsilon is the fraternity for life, so it is never too late to join the brotherhood. Target student government leaders, student athletes, club leaders, or intramural all-stars. Men who have already proven their worth on campus can make dynamic members and give your group a new perspective. Perhaps there are some close friends of yours who just need a little extra push to join TKE; that push can occur this spring.

3. Plan a Good Event

Take the time to plan events that every member will be a part of. It can be a traditional barbeque or basketball tournament, but make sure it the best event these men have ever attended. If you are playing basketball then get your men fired up to play with the recruits and to "find their future little brother". Cheer on the recruits and heckle your fraternity brothers. Making the PNMs feel at home from day one will help them realize the aspect of brotherhood that they have never experienced before.  

4. Follow Up and Stay in Touch

Recruitment events can still not be enough for certain recruits who are on the fence about joining a fraternity. Some men will need a one-on-one approach. Follow up with PNMs and invite them to join in on your everyday routine. Grab a bite to eat or work out together. Too many times we expect men to join the fraternity because we assume they know what we know. Staying in touch and engaging recruits will show how TKE influences our lives every day.

5. Surpass Expectations

It is always a challenge to out-perform what is expected of you and your group. Surpassing expectations is a good habit to get into as you prepare for life after college. As members of Tau Kappa Epsilon we take pride in being resilient in everything we do as a fraternity. 10 men last spring is a bar that was set from last year's leadership. 15 men this spring will be a new bar set by the men leading your group now. Never settle for what other fraternities do on your campus and what you have done in the past; always expect the un-expected and push your brothers to their very best.

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