RLC Back-To-School Close Out Sale

RLC Back-To-School Close Out Sale

The Excitement from Founders Day continues as the Regional Leadership Team has decided to do a back-to-school sale for men who are yet to register for an RLC this February. Today begins a discount sale that will continue through Friday to encourage members of TKE to register now. Each day you wait, is another $5 that will leave your pocket. For one week only, the RLC Back-To-School Close Out sale will be giving the following discounts:

Monday 1/13 - $25 off/person

Tuesday 1/14 - $20 off/person

Wednesday 1/15  - $15 off/person

Thursday 1/16 - $10 off/person

Friday 1/17 - $5 off/person


For more information, please contact:

Kyle Erdman
Communications Specialist

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