Tau Kappa Epsilon Invades Social Media

Tau Kappa Epsilon Invades Social Media

A Founders Day for the record books in terms of online engagement; Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity swarmed the Facebook and Twitter world with the involvement of their members. Traditions and Founders Day rituals also provoked TKE nation to spread their fraternal memories and thoughts through social media. Even the legendary Buckwheat Perry joined in on the push by creating a Twitter Account for the occasion.

Members and friends shared what the fraternity means to them, their favorite Tekes, the values that dominate their daily lives, their most memorable TKE moments, and their favorite Tau Kappa Epsilon photos. The involvement of Tekes from coast to coast bombarded people's Twitter and Facebook feeds reminding viewers that January 10th is no ordinary day.


The #IAMTKE campaign became a tremendous success as the efforts were near the point of the infamous "trending" status on Twitter. Over 90,000 people were reached during the Founders Day celebration online as members and strangers became aware of the pride the members of Tau Kappa Epsilon have, 115 years after our founding day. 


The Founders Day message from Frater Bob Barr (see here), the Founders Day RLC flash sale, and the #IAMTKE social media campaign made for an unforgettable 115th year anniversary celebration. The bar has been set for future Founders Days to remind even more people of the principles and pride that exist within Tau Kappa Epsilon. One day a year members are reminded of the history of TKE. The other 364 days is an opportunity for membership to continue to build Better Men for a Better World. January 10th, 2014 was a reminder that the fraternity is stronger than ever and the members still believe in the vision that was started in 1899. 


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