TKE Launches New Branding of The Teke Magazine

TKE Launches New Branding of The Teke Magazine
February 24, 2014 marks the beginning of a new chapter for The Teke Magazine. Since 1908, 368 magazines have been published, over 12,000 pages have shared the fraternity experience across TKE nation, and the title "the teke" has become a familiar fraternity publication for generations of Fraters. The new launch brings a digital edition to the magazine and new publication departments that make the magazine more relevant, more appealing, and more engaging to the reader.

The Teke – Digital Edition

The digital edition of The Teke Magazine is an interactive way to view the fraternity's favorite publication. Clickable sections of the magazine make navigating through the content easy to use. Thin lined boxes make jumping from the cover page to a featured story just a click away. With the digital edition, The Teke Magazine comes to life; watch the founder's day message video from Grand Prytanis Frater Bob Barr, get a taste of New Orleans, the site of the 2015 Conclave with a video from Past Grand Prytanis Frater Mark Romig, and nominate an everyday TKE hero in your life with just the click of a button.

What's New about The Teke?

The New Teke Magazine features old and new departments that make reading the publication an opportunity to become a better man. Chapter and Colony News, Alumni News, and the Cover Story are all departments readers will be used to. The Teke Insider, Thinking Ahead, Buckwheat's Corner, Dress for Success, and #IAMTKE are all new departments that make reading The Teke a whole new experience:

Teke Insider - Gain professional and personal insight on leadership and the principles of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Professional Staff members share their areas of expertise to enhance your experience within the fraternity.

Thinking Ahead – The forward thinking mindset of The Teke Magazine educates the reader on upcoming events, deadlines, and ways to familiarize yourself with the rest of TKE nation.

Buckwheat’s Corner – Ever wonder what Buckwheat uses to make his famous recipes? Every issue features Buckwheat Perry’s wisdom to help your group with rush and “good fraternity”.

Dress for Success – Professional attire tips can help readers prepare for any occasion. Utilize these tips in your next job interview, professional setting, chapter ritual, or to educate the Fraters around you.

#IAMTKE – This department focuses on the experience of the everyday member of TKE. Share your experience and share your voice within the fraternity. #IAMTKE

How To Subscribe to The Teke?

Subscription to The TEKE Magazine can be done through two ways:

1) To Subscribe to the digital edition, Visit the Website and click the  in the top right corner, and then click .

2) To Subscribe to the physical copy of The Teke, DONATE $10 to the TKE Educational Foundation and you will be given a 1 year subscription to the magazine. 

We hope you enjoy the new Teke Magazine, please share with Teke Magazine Team your thoughts and stories so that we can continue to improve the publication in the future.


For more information, please contact:

Kyle Erdman
Communications Specialist

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