TNT Bracket Has Reached the Elite Eight

TNT Bracket Has Reached the Elite Eight

Has your March Madness bracket become a bust? There is another bracket going on that you can still get in the game for!

The TNT Tournament has reached the round of eight for the competing chapters in TKE nation; every chapter can compete at anytime and join in on the fraternity competition. The TKE Nation Tournament competition raises funds for the TKE Educational Foundation to Build Better Men for a Better World. The money raised goes back to the fundraising chapters/colonies. There is still time for all collegiate members and TKE alumni to get in the game! Pay it forward and help build a better future for the members of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Competition ends March 31st at Midnight (ET). To take part in the competition and have a bracket to brag about, make a donation today at THE DONATION PAGE.


For further information, please contact:

Emily Garrott
Development Coordinator
Tau Kappa Epsilon Educational Foundation

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