Annual Report & Annual Awards Due May 15th

Annual Report & Annual Awards Due May 15th


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The annual report and award application processes are the final things left on the "to-do-list" this fiscal year. Recapping the year's successes and nominating chapters/colonies and individual Fraters will help your group leave a legacy in TKE Nation. The preparation and effort you put into these processes will communicate how well your group has performed this year, and how likely you are to bring home some hardware. 

Annual Awards

What are the chapter awards available?

  1. Excellence in Recruitment - Results
  2. Excellence in Recruitment - Chapter Size
  3. Excellence in Involvement - Community Service
  4. Excellence in Involvement - Alumni Relations
  5. Excellence in Achievement - Academic Success
  6. Excellence in Achievement - Extracurricular Activities

If your chapter meets the minimum requirements for at least 4 of the 6 Excellence Awards, your chapter will be considered for recognition as a Top TKE Chapter. Fill out the Top Teke Chapter Application to begin. 

All Award Applications are due May 15.

Chapters and colonies that do not meet the minimum requirements for an Excellence Award may apply for the Honorable Mention Application.

When a chapter makes significant improvement in the areas evaluated by the Awards program, it may be considered for a Most Improved Chapter Award. Fill out the Most Improved Chapter Application today.

What are the top individual awards available?

  1. Top Teke - HERE
  2. Top TKE Recruiter - HERE

Annual Report

The Black Book requires each chapter and colony to complete an Annual Report prior to May 15. Please use the TKE Chapter Module to complete your report.


For more information, please contact:

Kyle Erdman
Communications Specialist

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