Frater Andrew Jarzyk Passes into the Chapter Eternal

Frater Andrew Jarzyk Passes into the Chapter Eternal

It is with regret that we mourn the loss of Frater Andrew Jarzyk from the Iota-Beta chapter at Susquehanna University. Frater Jarzyk was a very active member of Tau Kappa Epsilon. He was a past Rush Chairman, Histor, and Prytanis of the chapter at Susquehanna. He attended a Regional Leadership Conference in 2006 and Conclave in 2007 where he accepted the Iota-Beta charter and a Top TKE Chapter award on behalf of the chapter. During his time as Prytanis, he led the chapter to a back-to-back Top TKE Chapter award. After graduation, Jarzyk also was the Treasurer of the Iota-Beta Alumni Association.

Jarzyk had been missing since the end of March. His body was found in the Hudson River on Monday and was identified by his family earlier this week.

Those who knew Frater Jarzyk were impacted greatly by him. As men who knew him well, Fraters Patrick McElroy and Matthew Darwin shared their thoughts.

"Not only was Andrew an exemplary Susquehannan, he typified a man of Apollo, a true Teke. It was easy to see that Andrew would quickly become a future leader in the fraternity. He immersed himself in meeting new people, building relationships, setting a stellar example for others, and always putting the good of the chapter ahead of his personal desires. He was the Teke you turned to for advice and encouragement. His commitment to achievement, leadership, service and brotherhood serve as a model for every Iota-Beta undergraduate Teke, in addition to the many alums who looked up to him," said Patrick McElroy, Iota-Beta.

"I think as we get older, we go through reflections periods where we are only then able to pinpoint those people who changed our lives. Jar was the type of person who's effect you felt and realized as it was happening.  Not to mention, he had that effect on people in his late teens and twenties.  He was able to redirect the course of people's lives for the better. I think I can only count on one hand the people I know that I can say that about," said Matthew Darwin, Iota-Beta.

L. Jay Lemons, President of Susquehanna University, released a statement regarding Jarzyk, which can be read in it's entirety here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Jarzyk family and the men of the Iota-Beta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon.


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