What Does Headquarters Actually Do - Alumni Volunteers

What Does Headquarters Actually Do - Alumni Volunteers

John Deckard
Chief Operating Officer

In this episode of What Does Headquarters Actually Do, the Offices of the Grand Chapter will showcase the work of the Regional Directors and the alumni volunteers.

In its current model, TKE Nation is divided into 4 Regions based on geography and the balance of the number of groups in that area. Each Region has a Regional Director (RD) who is the Chief Operating Officer of that Region. They are responsible for the undergraduate leaders, chapters, colonies, and interest groups within their region. The Regional Director interacts with campus professionals, administers ongoing maintenance of chapters/colonies, and supports the expansion of new groups.

For each Regional Director to be effective, he needs to build, train, and manage a staff to help them work with between 60 and 80 groups in their Region. To do this, each Regional Director must cultivate, coordinate and collaborate with current and potential volunteers, most of whom are TKE alumni who have chosen to give selflessly to the Fraternity for Life.

Grand Province Advisor (GPA) – The Lead Volunteer for a Province, a smaller geographical area inside each Region. GPAs are in charge of hosting a Province Educational Conference in their province each fall.

Province Advisor (PA) – PAs are either in a role to work more closely with a few chapters or they are experts in specific areas of the Fraternity such as finances, recruitment, or alumni relations.

Board of Advisors (BOA) – The BOA helps with long term planning for a chapter or colony. They work with budgeting and finances and they ensure all of the state and federal corporate requirements are being met.

Chapter Advisor (CA) – The Chapter's Alumni Chief Operating Officer. He or she works with the Board of Advisors and oversees the chapter/colony's interaction with campus. Advisors also act as a liaison between the collegiate members and the other alumni volunteers.

Every year, the Regional Directors host at least one Regional Planning Conferences (RPC) for their regional volunteer team. At the RPC, they share goals for the upcoming year, they discuss existing groups and potential expansions, and they lead in-depth planning sessions on how to support our groups the best we can.

Region 1 - Pete Dawson

Region 2 - David Adkins

Region 3 - Nate Lehman

Region 4 - H Puentes


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