Renew an Active Alumni Association

An Alumni Association charter is valid for the biennium. Regardless of when it is renewed, all charters expire the day after Conclave. We are now accepting renewals for the 2013-15 biennium.

If your Alumni Association has met these requirements, you may renew your charter:

  1. Association membership listing, including names and email addresses(very important).
  2. Sponsor at least one social event for alumni (enclose description and date of event).
  3. Publish at least two newsletters (enclose copies).
  4. Sponsor at least one project to assist an undergraduate chapter, the alumni association, the college/university, or the International Fraternity (enclose description of project).
  5. Payment of the biennial or lifetime fee, payable to Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (enclose check).

    • Biennial Renewal Fee - $200
    • Lifetime Renewal Fee - $1000

Submit the Alumni Association Application to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. 7439 Woodland Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46278. If you have any questions please email Todd Farmer.