If you meet these requirements, you may apply for an Alumni Association charter:

  1. List of 20 Alumni Association members, including email addresses.
  2. $200 Biennial Fee or $1000 Lifetime Fee.
  3. Submit the Alumni Association Application to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. 7439 Woodland Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46278

Getting Started

Alumni Interest
The first step in the formation of an Alumni Association in your area is to form an interest group and a steering committee. The interest group is for any members of TKE that are simply interested in getting involved in an Alumni Association and wish to participate in the events, aid the local chapter(s), and/or receive communications. The steering committee is for those member of TKE that are interested in coming up with the ideas for the events, planning the events, communicating with members, being the point man/men, working with the Alumni & Volunteer Coordinator and/or aiding in the logistics.

If you, or other Tekes you know, are interested in starting an Alumni Association in your area, start to gather names and contact information, complete the Alumni Association Interest Form, and contact Todd Farmer (317-872-6533) at the Offices of the Grand Chapter for assistance.