Sledgehammers Begin Construction

Sledgehammers Begin Construction

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Wielding sledgehammers and exacto knives, crews have begun construction inside the new TKE headquarters. Walls began coming down this week with many more yet to be touched. However, plans are beginning to take shape on how and what the new headquarters will look like when the Grand Opening Ceremony is held this spring.

Upon opening the doors, hard hats must be worn to ensure safety on the floors being worked on. Currently, the second floor has been where most of the work has occurred. The ceiling tiles have been removed to reveal various wires for electricity, internet and heating and cooling pathways. This will allow the electrical experts in the crew to devise plans for upgraded and more efficient wiring since the building was constructed in a different era.
General blueprints have been made to show the major changes, while the smaller details are still being worked out. The movement of walls, changing carpet, and improving of efficiency are all on the docket for now. It will take the construction crews several weeks to accomplish these tasks, but TKE Communications will be on it to ensure you know the latest developments and enhancements to the new building.
Learn more about all the improvements by going to our TKE Headquarters Page. You will see all past, present and future plans for the new Offices of the Grand Chapter.
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The Construction Begins

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