Second Recruitment? What's That?

Second Recruitment? What's That?

Keep Pushing ForwardWhen you get an 'A' on a mid-term exam, do you stop studying the rest of the semester? After you win a football game, do you stop practicing the rest of the season? Of course not, and you shouldn't stop recruiting either. There are still plenty of men on your campus that may have wanted to join during the initial process, but for one reason or another didn't. While other fraternities on your campus have stopped looking, you have the opportunity to grow even stronger than you are right now. Not sure where to find these men? It’s easier than you think.

Most of the time, men with amazing qualities will not flock to your door - you have to go get them. You must show them how their involvement with TKE will enhance the skills they already have and they will learn more to diversify their portfolio. First, your chapter should keep a running file containing the names, addresses, cell phone, and Email address of all potential new members that you identify. Update and expand this list as the recruitment program continues. Several methods can be used to identify prospects for this file:
  • Fraternity Forum - This is an activity conducted on many campuses by the IFC. If your school is having a Fraternity Forum, ensure that you are prepared. Set up a table that displays the many facets of membership in TKE, make sure that the table is always well-manned, train members in the skills of conversation that they will need when working at the table, and be sure to get contact information for prospective members.
  • Recommendations - Ask professors, coaches, deans and sorority women for names of students that they think would make good Fraternity members. When you get these names, you also get an easy introduction - simply tell the prospective member that he was recommended by the professor or coach as a potential Fraternity member.
  • Residence Hall Lists - The name, telephone number, and year in school of students are usually contained on these lists, and may be available through the residential life office.
  • Incoming Student List - This list of new students can be very helpful and may be available from the admissions office. Sometimes it can include other critical information such as Grade Point Average (GPA) and other activities.
  • Student Directories - An excellent resource for names, hometowns and other information.
  • Alumni - Fraternity alumni can often identify new men on campus who may be interested in joining your chapter.
  • Information Table - During registration or the first few weeks of school, man a table at the student center. Take down names and contact information of prospects that stop by or indicate interest.
  • General Functions - Your chapter can sponsor a contest, social activity, or campus event. Have a sign-in book to get the names of all who attend.
  • Classes - All of your Fraters attend classes with unaffiliated men who may join a Fraternity. Classes are easy places to start conversations and make friends with potential Tekes.
  • IFC List - On many campuses the IFC will provide all fraternities with a list of freshmen and other men who are interested in joining fraternities. Do not rely on this list to be your only list.
  • Friends - Have all chapter members (including your new members) sit down and come up with a list of friends or men they know who are possible recruits. Ask each Frater to submit at least three names.
Some of you may have deferred recruitment, but even if you don't all of this information can be useful. Why, you may ask? If everyone thinks that the second half of the semester is a dead time to recruit men to join - you have an upper hand. If all other fraternities are satisfied with their Fall class of men, great! You have no competition. Get out there and get the leaders the other fraternities passed over.

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