THE TEKE Summer Preview

THE TEKE Summer Preview

Frater Ronald ReaganPolitics season is upon us. Within Tau Kappa Epsilon, many distinguished public servants are working hard to build a better world. The list of men is extensive including most notably Frater Ronald Reagan (Iota, Eureka College). In this throw-back edition, we look at various topics in the 1980s when Frater Reagan became the 40th President of the United States.

Some of the sections are:

  • Tekes in Politics - a listing of all Fraters who have served in public service
  • Sit Down with Two US Congressmen - Discussing politics & how TKE has affected their work
  • Voting - Why, Why Not? - A point-counterpoint discussion on voting
  • Animal House vs. Total Frat Move - Comparing the 1979 cult classic film with the website
  • A 1980 Top Teke Success Story
  • Parallels between Recruitment Then & Now

In addition to these, there will be the unveiling of chapter and individual awards for the 2011-12 academic year in the chapter news area. We have made great strides in this organization due to great leadership and chapters. This is an opportunity to recognize those who showed the world what being a Teke is all about. From service to academics to recruitment and beyond, members of TKE are making an incredible difference.

As a collegiate member, be sure you get your copy at the chapter house or designated mailbox. If you do not receive a copy and want one, email us.

As an alumnus, if you are more than two years removed, we ask for a donation to the TKE Educational Foundation of $10 or more. This is to offset production and postage costs for THE TEKE magazine. For more information, please email.

Be sure to follow the latest TKE News with the RSS Feed, on Twitter or the official TKE Facebook Fan Page (Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity). Submit your news today.   



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