TKE Logos Under Attack

TKE Logos Under Attack

Official Licensed ProductOver the past few decades, many fraternities and sororities have been the subject of trademark lawsuits attempting to take away our rights to things like the crest and logos. These companies believe that our insignia is not our right to control. If we were to lose the rights to our trademarks, anyone would be able to use our insignia regardless of the quality or tastefulness of the product. Just imagine how frustrating it would be if anyone could use our logos to destroy and dilute our reputation. They could even wear our letters and not be members of the organization you have worked so hard to create. Our name and symbols have meaning and purpose, and the integrity of these insignia deserve protection. It's the only way we can ensure that future generations will wear our letters with pride. 

When placing merchandise orders for events like bid day, recruitment and special events, we want to remind you that utilizing TKE's licensed vendors is the only legal way to purchase official, quality merchandise bearing our insignia (Greek letters, name, coat-of-arms, symbols and other logos). When you buy Official Licensed Products, you are strengthening our brand and helping to secure our trademark rights.

Additionally, here are a few simple tips you can use to enhance your shopping experience:

  1. Ask for a written invoice or statement from the vendor that summarizes exactly what you have ordered.
  2. Always ask for a specific date in writing on when you will receive the order. Sometimes vendors can give you a ship date, but not an exact date you will receive the order.
  3. Always print your order confirmation when purchasing items on the internet.
  4. Always be willing to call the vendor to be sure you will receive what you requested in time for bid day or recruitment.
  5. Only provide our artwork to licensed vendors. Never hand over our insignia to an unlicensed vendor who cannot legally use our insignia.
  6. Only purchase from those vendors displaying the "Official Licensed Product" seal. Unlicensed vendors are not held to quality standards and are not authorized to produce products with our trademarks. If you don't see the OLP seal – say NO DEAL!

Here are a few sites to help you navigate which are legal and which are not.

  1. Shop TKE
  3. Greek Quote
If you experience any problems with a licensed vendor of Teke, or if there's a local vendor you'd like to recommend to become licensed, please email Natalie or call 760.734.6764 ext. 180, and she will do what she can to help resolve your issue. To access a list of all current vendors, please visit
Please have a safe and productive fall semester. Thank you for helping protect our history and heritage by patronizing only licensed vendors.

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