Board of Advisors Guide

All TKE chapters are required to be incorporated under the laws of their state, so by agreeing to serve on the BOA, you have become a corporate board member. This form of organization offers the advantage of a recognized legal entity for all purposes including centralization of management, delegation of authority to represent, and limited liability for board members. Management is entrusted to a board of directors as a group.

The Board of Advisors is selected and organized according to the International Constitution and Bylaws, which is also known asThe Black Book. In addition, your BOA should operate under a set of bylaws.

The primary role of the Board of Advisors, Chapter Advisor, and Faculty Advisor, is to advise the chapter. It is best to take a pro-active stance in working with the chapter, which can be accomplished by meeting regularly, requesting minutes from chapter meetings, receiving reports from chapter officers, and then acting to encourage continued improvement. One of the best measures of improvement is the Key Result Area Scorecard, located in the TKE Chapter Module. This evaluation is normally conducted annually by an official representative of the Fraternity, whose visitation reports can be found in the TKE Chapter Module.

One of the most important BOA functions is to prevent possible problems from developing in the chapter. Keeping an eye on the calendar and deadlines will help keep the chapter focused. Chapters often run into difficulty when the BOA does very little with the chapter until a major problem exists. An active and interested BOA is an essential element in all successful chapters of TKE.

Strong chapter financial operations is critical, whether you're working with the chapter or managing its real estate, which is a responsibility mandated by The Black Book. Your advice, encouragement, and motivation with membership recruitment will keep the chapter strong and healthy.

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is available to assist you in every way possible so that you may be an effective and responsible BOA member. Should you need help, contact a member of the TKE Area Servicing Team.