If mailing a check...

Make sure you properly fill out a check to "St. Jude Children's Research Hospital". Include "TKE" and your chapter name in the memo section of the check. Please see the image below as an example of what your check should look like.

Mail the check to:

Tau Kappa Epsilon
ATTN: St Jude
7439 Woodland Dr Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Please do not send donations directly to the St. Jude main or local office.

To ensure your group gets credit with your donation, it needs to either be sent through your designated fundraising page (listed below) or mailed to TKE Headquarters. Contact stjude@tke.org if these options are not possible.

In most cases, funds donated through other organizations (Universities, Sororities, Restaurants, etc.) will not count toward your group's total, contact stjude@tke.org if you have this situation.

If you or another Frater are doing a Facebook Birthday fundraiser, please inform us at stjude@tke.org with a link to the Facebook fundraiser.

Please have all of your group's St. Jude donations sent to Tau Kappa Epsilon's International Headquarters.

Are you an alumni member who wants to help support our $10 million commitment to St. Jude?

Mail a check to TKE Headquarters at the address above made out to St. Jude! Please write your chapter designation in the memo area on the check if you'd like them to get credit for your donation. You can also scroll down to your chapter's link below and donate online to their St. Jude fundraiser page with a debit or credit card. 

Missing Reported Dollars

Through the TKE Module, chapters have been doing an excellent job at reporting the dollars they have raised for St. Jude. This has allowed the Offices of the Grand Chapter to confirm with St. Jude that every dollar raised is properly counted for.

Unfortunately, multiple chapters have reported a higher amount on their KRA Scorecard than we have been able to find.


Help Find Missing Reported Dollars

Chapter NameTotal Raised 
Grand Chapter$3,679.87 Donate
Alpha$2,200.00 Donate
Beta$6,017.00 Donate
Gamma Emerging Chapter$1,003.00 Donate
Delta$0.00 Donate
Epsilon$30,226.00 Donate
Zeta$650.00 Donate
Theta$8,447.00 Donate
Iota$3,273.41 Donate
Kappa$750.00 Donate
Lambda$32,556.50 Donate
Nu$2,800.00 Donate
Xi$1,013.00 Donate
Omicron Emerging Chapter$700.00 Donate
Pi$1,500.00 Donate
Rho $15,754.71 Donate
Tau$3,873.00 Donate
Chi$6,000.00 Donate
Omega$1,150.00 Donate
Alpha-Alpha$3,185.00 Donate
Alpha-Beta Emerging Chapter$3,050.00 Donate
Alpha-Gamma$4,305.00 Donate
Alpha-Delta$30.00 Donate
Alpha-Zeta$50.00 Donate
Alpha-Theta$1,581.00 Donate
Alpha-Nu$800.00 Donate
Alpha-Xi$2,524.00 Donate
Alpha-Omicron$1,634.00 Donate
Alpha-Pi$4,243.00 Donate
Alpha-Rho$0.00 Donate
Alpha-Tau$3,264.00 Donate
Alpha-Chi$1,016.00 Donate
Beta-Beta$3,948.00 Donate
Beta-Gamma Emerging Chapter$926.00 Donate
Beta-Epsilon$1,491.00 Donate
Beta-Zeta$49,234.00 Donate
Beta-Eta$11,294.00 Donate
Beta-Theta$9,628.00 Donate
Beta-Lambda$20,161.30 Donate
Beta-Pi$4,936.00 Donate
Beta-Rho$5,500.00 Donate
Beta-Sigma$8,002.00 Donate
Beta-Upsilon$7,275.00 Donate
Beta-Phi$7,880.00 Donate
Beta-Chi $12,505.00 Donate
Beta-Psi Emerging Chapter$1,076.00 Donate
Beta-Omega$1,907.00 Donate
Gamma-Beta Emerging Chapter$850.00 Donate
Gamma-Delta $0.00 Donate
Gamma-Epsilon$2,399.00 Donate
Gamma-Zeta$2,240.00 Donate
Gamma-Eta Emerging Chapter$1,688.00 Donate
Gamma-Theta$735.00 Donate
Gamma-Iota$20,302.99 Donate
Gamma-Lambda$6,703.00 Donate
Gamma-Omicron$5,722.80 Donate
Gamma-Rho$0.00 Donate
Gamma-Upsilon$1,260.00 Donate
Delta-Gamma$880.00 Donate
Delta-Epsilon$1,421.00 Donate
Delta-Zeta$6,312.00 Donate
Delta-Eta$1,000.00 Donate
Delta-Theta$7,686.64 Donate
Delta-Lambda$2,688.00 Donate
Delta-Nu$5,004.50 Donate
Delta-Xi$4,316.00 Donate
Delta-Pi$2,007.00 Donate
Delta-Phi$1,116.00 Donate
Delta-Chi$0.00 Donate
Delta-Psi$15,003.00 Donate
Epsilon-Alpha$1,097.00 Donate
Epsilon-Beta$110.00 Donate
Epsilon-Delta$5,090.02 Donate
Epsilon-Zeta$2,975.00 Donate
Epsilon-Eta$14,254.00 Donate
Epsilon-Kappa$11,429.00 Donate
Epsilon-Xi$794.00 Donate
Epsilon-Omicron$41,037.00 Donate
Epsilon-Upsilon$360.00 Donate
Zeta-Alpha$275.00 Donate
Zeta-Beta$1,738.00 Donate
Zeta-Delta$12,632.00 Donate
Zeta-Theta$657.00 Donate
Zeta-Lambda$5,000.00 Donate
Zeta-Mu$12,042.26 Donate
Zeta-Nu$500.00 Donate
Zeta-Pi$6,013.00 Donate
Zeta-Phi$890.00 Donate
Theta-Delta$100.00 Donate
Theta-Eta$3,000.00 Donate
Theta-Iota$3,070.00 Donate
Theta-Kappa$3,048.00 Donate
Theta-Lambda$3,780.00 Donate
Theta-Nu$3,032.30 Donate
Theta-Omicron$6,343.00 Donate
Theta-Pi Emerging Chapter$1,700.00 Donate
Theta-Rho$2,063.00 Donate
Theta-Tau$1,550.00 Donate
Theta-Upsilon$18,950.00 Donate
Iota-Beta$37,032.91 Donate
Iota-Zeta$10,777.00 Donate
Iota-Theta$891.00 Donate
Iota-Kappa$19,039.08 Donate
Iota-Xi$500.00 Donate
Iota-Omicron$1,366.75 Donate
Iota-Pi$1,735.00 Donate
Kappa-Beta$0.00 Donate
Kappa-Eta$783.00 Donate
Kappa-Nu $1,500.00 Donate
Kappa-Sigma$10.00 Donate
Kappa-Tau$10,588.00 Donate
Kappa-Psi$7,041.00 Donate
Lambda-Gamma$4,041.72 Donate
Lambda-Zeta$2,000.00 Donate
Lambda-Eta$2,672.00 Donate
Lambda-Iota$2,015.00 Donate
Lambda-Sigma$7,281.00 Donate
Lambda-Upsilon$230.00 Donate
Lambda-Phi$550.00 Donate
Lambda-Psi$7,907.50 Donate
Mu-Alpha$9,773.70 Donate
Mu-Beta$0.00 Donate
Mu-Zeta$1,000.00 Donate
Mu-Theta$6,761.81 Donate
Mu-Lambda$5,125.00 Donate
Mu-Nu$1,750.00 Donate
Mu-Xi$100.00 Donate
Mu-Omicron$1,280.00 Donate
Mu-Sigma Emerging Chapter$3,082.00 Donate
Mu-Tau Emerging Chapter$2,016.00 Donate
Mu-Upsilon$3,849.80 Donate
Mu-Chi$1,633.00 Donate
Mu-Omega $15,663.00 Donate
Nu-Eta$27,293.58 Donate
Nu-Iota Emerging Chapter$50.00 Donate
Nu-Lambda$4,141.00 Donate
Nu-Xi$111.00 Donate
Nu-Pi$943.66 Donate
Nu-Phi$430.00 Donate
Nu-Omega$4,920.00 Donate
Xi-Gamma$1,000.00 Donate
Xi-Theta$1,640.15 Donate
Xi-Iota$6,575.00 Donate
Xi-Tau$5,587.00 Donate
Xi-Upsilon$12,501.00 Donate
Xi-Chi$306.00 Donate
Xi-Omega$151,371.00 Donate
Omicron-Kappa Emerging Chapter$900.00 Donate
Omicron-Nu$3,841.00 Donate
Omicron-Xi $13,706.00 Donate
Omicron-Pi$250.00 Donate
Omicron-Rho$2,577.04 Donate
Omicron-Sigma$6,740.00 Donate
Omicron-Upsilon$900.00 Donate
Pi-Beta$1,070.00 Donate
Pi-Epsilon$4,334.00 Donate
Pi-Eta$1,000.00 Donate
Pi-Theta$2,271.00 Donate
Pi-Iota$12,102.00 Donate
Pi-Lambda$2,000.00 Donate
Pi-Mu$110.00 Donate
Pi-Xi$1,186.00 Donate
Pi-Omicron$0.00 Donate
Pi-Chi$7,241.00 Donate
Rho-Beta$2,623.00 Donate
Rho-Delta$9,747.00 Donate
Rho-Epsilon$15,031.50 Donate
Rho-Eta$1,600.00 Donate
Rho-Theta$350.00 Donate
Rho-Mu$0.00 Donate
Rho-Pi Emerging Chapter$1,140.00 Donate
Rho-Rho$5,534.00 Donate
Rho-Tau$3,513.00 Donate
Rho-Upsilon$146.00 Donate
Rho-Chi$700.00 Donate
Rho-Psi$3,003.73 Donate
Rho-Omega$10,181.00 Donate
Sigma-Alpha Expansion$970.00 Donate
Sigma-Gamma$3,356.00 Donate
Sigma-Epsilon$977.00 Donate
Sigma-Theta$680.00 Donate
Sigma-Kappa$687.00 Donate
Sigma-Lambda$2,160.00 Donate
Sigma-Nu$400.00 Donate
Sigma-Xi$1,662.00 Donate
Sigma-Upsilon$925.00 Donate
Sigma-Chi$5,372.00 Donate
Sigma-Psi$118.00 Donate
Tau-Delta$20.00 Donate
Tau-Epsilon$0.00 Donate
Tau-Zeta$1,906.00 Donate
Tau-Eta$851.00 Donate
Tau-Theta$4,155.00 Donate
Tau-Lambda$187.00 Donate
Tau-Nu$751.00 Donate
Tau-Sigma$1,636.00 Donate
Tau-Phi$0.00 Donate
Tau-Omega$0.00 Donate
Upsilon-Alpha$2,821.00 Donate
Upsilon-Gamma$100,953.57 Donate
Upsilon-Delta$2,800.00 Donate
Upsilon-Eta$200.00 Donate
Upsilon-Theta$813.00 Donate
Upsilon-Iota$12,503.13 Donate
Upsilon-Kappa$220.00 Donate
Upsilon-Lambda$500.00 Donate
Upsilon-Mu$0.00 Donate
Upsilon-Pi$973.00 Donate
Upsilon-Upsilon$4,400.00 Donate
Upsilon-Phi$335.00 Donate
Upsilon-Chi$150.00 Donate
Upsilon-Psi$12,931.00 Donate
Upsilon-Omega$7,072.00 Donate
Phi-Alpha$1,000.00 Donate
Phi-Beta$13,582.00 Donate