Life Loyal Teke

Life Loyal Teke is a program of the Fraternity, whose purpose is to gain commitments from each alumnus to support the Vision, Mission, and Purpose of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Currently, the vast majority of TKE's operating budget is derived from undergraduate fees. Tau Kappa Epsilon lags behind most other fraternities in alumni support. The Life Loyal Teke program is designed to better set the expectation that Tekes will contribute to Tau Kappa Epsilon. Through the program TKE hopes to gain more alumni advisors for our chapters, as well as resources to support the alumni developmental and educational programming efforts of the Fraternity. The Life Loyal program aims to set the expectation that support of the Fraternity is a lifetime commitment, which should provide better services to our chapters, strengthen the ties of brotherhood and make TKE itself a better fraternity.

As the "Fraternity for Life" ritual is now seen as the transition point from active collegiate membership to alumnus status, the program will stress the notion that one truly dedicates themselves as a "Life Loyal Teke" when they make this transition, and that continued support of the Fraternity is a lifelong obligation. Life Loyal Teke membership does not imply that the lifetime commitment for financial support of the Fraternity has ended, but that continued support of TKE and the TKE Educational Foundation is an expected membership responsibility for every Teke, especially from Life Loyal Tekes.

What It Means To Be A Life Loyal Teke 

For more than 100 years, Tekes have stepped up to the challenge of leadership and kept the Teke spirit alive with a lifetime of loyal service. Today, more than 255,000 men have assumed our bond. Each swears upon his bond at initiation to remain involved as a contributing member of the Fraternity for Life.

Without the selfless service by thousands of Life Loyal alumni fraters on hundreds of campuses, our Fraternity would not exist. Chapter advisers, board members, province volunteers, committee members and alumni association leaders keep our flag flying high each day.

As we look back, we see a long line of dedicated men with names like Settles, Wilson, Tuesburg, Flint, Leland, Cochran, Reagan and thousands more like them who have modeled the way. Each has given a lifetime of service to the Fraternity. These alumni have shared their resources to help build and sustain TKE as a premier Fraternity experience. Their work has made a fundamental difference in each of our lives.

The Life Loyal Teke program seeks to build on this vital tradition. The program gives alumni the opportunity to endow their lifetime alumni dues obligation and strengthen the alumni arm of the Fraternity. When an alumnus enrolls in the Life Loyal Teke program he pays for lifetime communication from the Fraternity and provides a sustaining gift to help endow the educational programs of the Fraternity. Moreover, each Life Loyal's individual chapter is strengthened through funds earmarked by the TEF.

By becoming a Life Loyal Teke you will ensure that we will continue to keep the Teke spirit intact and make TKE truly the "Fraternity for Life"!