Life Loyal Teke Testimonial - Kyle Erdman

Life Loyal Teke Testimonial - Kyle Erdman

"They help you to identify your values and reflect on your experience – to realize the type of man you are. The lessons I learned at Leadership Academy stay true and stayed with me, even now."

Kyle Erdman (Alpha-Gamma, Washington State) is the New Construction Team Sales Manager at Zillow Group, one of America's leading online real estate database companies. Frater Erdman attended Leadership Academy XXIII in 2009.

"I am just very thankful for that experience — and it's still as applicable today as it was ten years ago," says Erdman.

The programs that TKE provides to our members create opportunities for growth not found elsewhere. They provide insight and exposure to knowledge that continues to be relevant through every stage of your life.

"I remember a small group session where we learned the difference between doing it by yourself versus creating a more cohesive unit — being strategic by having the right people in the right roles. Leading as a group rather than as individuals," shares Erdman.

"These lessons last. In a recent meeting with a vice president at Zillow, I discussed those same leadership strategies using the specific principles I learned at Leadership Academy."

Since graduating, Erdman has stayed active in TKE, serving on the TKE Professional Staff, various volunteer and facilitator roles, and now as the Grand Province Advisor for the Pacific Northwest Province.

"I think it's pretty cool when you think about the legacy you can leave. Leadership Academy helped me understand that legacy. That was a pretty powerful lesson for me. Leadership Academy made me realize that I received so much out of those few days, and it made me realize that I wanted to give back. For the rest of my life, I'll understand the impact of Charity and the realization that I had that these volunteers, spending time away from their families giving to me. Once I graduated, I volunteered."

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