Life Loyal Teke Testimonial - Reilly Gray

Life Loyal Teke Testimonial - Reilly Gray

"I got to my first Regional Leadership Conference in 2018 through an alumnus who sponsored that for me. I had prior experience in leadership with the chapter, but only about a semester under my belt. I was a pretty fresh Teke for sure."

Reilly Gray initiated into TKE at the Omicron-Sigma Chapter of Indiana University - Southeast in the spring of 2017. Thanks to alumni support, and his leadership drive, he was able to expand his TKE experience in just under one year by attending Province Forums and eventually a Regional Leadership Conference. It was at RLC where he was put on the track to greater learning through the St. Jude Collegiate Leadership Seminar and the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy. He credits RLC with showing him the value of TKE at the international level.

"It was a surreal experience… That was when I first met anyone from headquarters, any volunteers or anybody on the Grand Council. People that I never thought I'd meet, the rock stars of the TKE community. It was really cool to finally meet them and see that they are, what we all are — Brothers."

RLC is where many collegiates get their first taste of the wider world. The program expands their horizons within TKE as well as provides opportunities for growth at a professional level. From there, the lessons ripple back to their chapters and their communities.

"The chapter itself was impacted because the people that went were encouraged by our chapter advisor and staff at RLC to take notes and be present. Our Prytanis at the time wasn't able to attend, but he tasked us with sharing what we learned," says Reilly.

"Overall, I think the chapter really took away a lot of things and learned, and that's been the case since. With every RLC, we always put together a presentation for the chapter and share what we've learned."

Attending a Regional Leadership Conference has inspired Reilly to share a message with TKE Nation.

"Step out of your comfort zone. A big thing is stepping out of your comfort zone and talking to people you normally wouldn't talk to. At the RLC you have a chance to go and talk to them - so go and talk to them. Go and don't be afraid to ask a question because you're always going to get an interesting response."

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