Now through Giving Tuesday, November 29, the TKE Educational Foundation is working to raise more than $50,000 to Support Tekes of Today and Tomorrow. Help us reach our goal.

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The Difference Donors Make

Unrestricted donations to the TKE Educational Foundation aren’t restricted to scholarships, they’re the key to opening doors for Tekes of today and tomorrow.

Thank You to Our Donors From the 2016 Class of the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership Academy.

There’s not enough we can say to our donors, but we can try: Thank you. Thank you for making the difference for the 72 men of sterling character who attend Leadership Academy every year. Thank you for helping hundreds more who attend Regional Leadership Conferences. And thank you for supporting thousands more men who have yet to learn of this magnificent obsession. Make your donation today.

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In total we collected $47874.00

Help us achieve our ambitious $50,000 goal by Giving Tuesday, November 29, so we can continue to Support Tekes of Today and Tomorrow.

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Let's do this together

Each gift made by Fraters and friends of the Fraternity—no matter the size—truly enhances the Foundation’s ability to support Tekes of Today and Tomorrow.

Benefits for Me

All gifts made to the TKE Educational Foundation are tax-deductible and goes toward scholarships, grants and other member and chapter specific projects.

Benefits for TKE

When our members grow, our Fraternity grows. Every dollar that goes toward the TKE Educational Foundation supports the ongoing development of our Fraternity.

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