Expansion Process

Each expansion project takes on its own personality. We consider the following individuals or groups to be key in the process of expanding: campus administrators, faculty and staff members, student organization leaders and advisors, and Greek community leaders.

Constant contact with the campus Greek Advisor is crucial to the success of the expansion effort. Undergraduates are recruited through an awareness building and a recommendation process. Our process does not rely solely on a mass marketing approach. Recommendations are solicited from meetings with the aforementioned stakeholders. Tau Kappa Epsilon seeks to recruit individuals who set scholarship as their top priority; who involve themselves on campus and in the community; who are competitive and team players; and who treat themselves and others with respect.  TKE wants men who desire to balance their classroom education with experiential learning outside of it.

After the emerging chapter process is completed, the campus will be left with a well-respected, fully functional group of men. The newly formed emerging chapter will be given the necessary attention and resources to overcome any early struggles that may arise. Constant communication between the alumni, area volunteers, and the Area Servicing Team will ensure that the emerging chapter is provided with the necessary resources and support.

If you are interested in working with us to bring a TKE Chapter to your campus, please let us know and fill out an Expansion Request.  

Current Expansions

Florida International University<br />(Sigma-Alpha Expansion)

Florida International University
(Sigma-Alpha Expansion)

Current Expansion

Eligible Expansions

Tau Kappa Epsilon has been approved to return to each of these campuses as of the dates below. Though only a select few will have a member of the TKE Professional Staff at it, alumni can begin the process of starting a cold start expansion. Read more about cold start expansions in the Official Guide to Restarting Your Chapter.

University of Central Oklahoma<br />(Epsilon-Sigma)

University of Central Oklahoma

Approved to Return in
Fall 2024
University of Oklahoma<br />(Omicron-Phi)

University of Oklahoma

Approved to Return in
Fall 2024
University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver

Approved to Expand in
Spring 2025
University of Georgia<br />(Xi-Lambda)

University of Georgia

Approved to Return in
Fall 2025
University of Utah<br />(Nu-Theta Expansion)

University of Utah
(Nu-Theta Expansion)

Approved to Return in
Fall 2026

Current Emerging Chapters


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