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The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E17 | Ft. Dr. Richard Halgin

By Garrett T. / May 12, 2021
Dr. Halgin is a professor emeritus of psychology, counsels athletes/teams & recently became the Epsilon-Delta Chapter Advisor.

2021-2022 Fee Structure Announcement

By Alexander B. / May 6, 2021
The Offices of the Grand Chapter is pleased to announce the 2021-2022 Fee Structure for Tau Kappa Epsilon unanimously approved by the Grand Council.

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THE TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E16 | Ft. Andrew Hughes

By Garrett T. / May 5, 2021
Join us for a very special episode interviewing Frater Andrew Hughes from Mount Everest Base Camp!

2021 Annual Reports & Awards Applications Due May 15

By Garrett T. / May 3, 2021
As the school year comes to a close, don't forget that Annual Reports and Excellence Awards applications are due May 15.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E15 | Ft A.J. Eckstein & Henry Gao

By Garrett T. / April 29, 2021
Wonder why only a few people get past the final round interview and land the job? They'll tell you how. We'll will tell you why you should listen.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E14 | Ft Patrick McElroy and Thomas Geary

By Garrett T. / April 21, 2021
Find out what makes Patrick McElroy (Iota-Beta, Susquehanna) and Thomas Geary (Omicron-Sigma, Indiana Southeast) tick in Season 2 Episode 14.

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