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Tau Kappa Epsilon Announces New Hires

By Alexander B. / May 21, 2022
Tau Kappa Epsilon announces the hiring of Fraters Drew Frizzell as the Region 3 Regional Director and Chris McGeoghegan as an Expansion Coordinator.

ALSAC President and CEO, Richard Shadyac, Set to Join Tau Kappa Epsilon

By Alexander B. / May 20, 2022
ALSAC President and CEO, Richard Shadyac, Jr., will join Tau Kappa Epsilon as an honorary initiate at Conclave 2022.

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Conclave 2022 - Legislative Packet & Nominations Committee Announced

By Alexander B. / May 17, 2022
Tau Kappa Epsilon announces the proposed legislation for Conclave 2022 as well as the officers of the nominations committee.

Donald R. Tapia Rejoins TKE Foundation Board of Directors

By Alexander B. / April 14, 2022
The TKE Foundation announces Ambassador Frater Donald R. Tapia has been re-elected to join the TKE Foundation Board of Directors.

Recommend a Teke for Conclave 2022 Awards

By Alexander B. / April 8, 2022
Tau Kappa Epsilon has opened nominations for members of Tau Kappa Epsilon who should be recognized at Conclave 2022.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E43 - Ft. Brian Montgomery

By Alexander B. / April 6, 2022
Alex and Donnie hear the many stories of Frater Brian Montgomery (Gamma-Upsilon, University of Texas – Austin).

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