Our Programs

Each fraternity promotes a set of ideals that are to be held true by its members throughout their lives. TKE challenges members to live up to the standard of excellence defined by our Declaration of Principles on a daily basis. These principles provide an environment where members are encouraged to develop strong skills for scholarship, character, leadership, teamwork service and brotherhood—the attributes that build success and happiness throughout life.

To further develop these principles, Tau Kappa Epsilon has established a series of educational conferences and programs to ensure each member’s success fraternally, professionally and personally.

From The Blueprint to Province Forums, Regional Leadership Conferences and other programs, every member has a number of opportunities to better themselves. A key component of development includes both alumni and non-initiated friends of the Fraternity. In many cases, the success of chapters is found to be a direct result from local men and women who selflessly dedicate their time, talent and treasure to the positive growth and development of our members. For that reason, the events and programs hosted by Tau Kappa Epsilon below are open to any individual looking to support Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

Province Forums

Province Forum Image

In the fall of 2014, Tau Kappa Epsilon held the first of 30 redesigned, restructured Province Forums. In past years, the conferences were largely unstructured gatherings for local chapters to hold conversations about challenges on their respective campuses at a neutral location.

Today, Province Forums stand as the most accessible of all our programs. A Forum is typically a one-day, drive-in event held at a minimal cost. This is the chance for every Teke—and even those not yet initiated—to gather with others, learn how to become better men and make the Fraternity stronger.

During last year’s Forum season, over 1,300 attendees attended one of the 30+ events to better themselves, their chapter and their Fraternity. This year, we expect more than 2,500 individuals to attend a Forum at one of 40+ locations across North America, further emphasizing the Fraternity’s commitment to the development of our members and chapters.

Learn more about Province Forums at tke.org/forum.

Regional Leadership Conferences

Regional Leadership Conference

Since the 1970s, Regional Leadership Conferences have brought together collegiate and alumni members to share, learn and live the principles of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Similarly aligned across the board, each RLC opens with a welcome reception and a keynote speaker.

Saturday morning presents a day filled with educational programming. Each attendee is trained on how to better execute the duties of officer positions and provided practical lessons on how to become a more effective leader. There are up to five workshop options at a time, giving each attendee an opportunity to create their own curriculum for the weekend. Sample workshops include: TKE History, Recruitment, Fraternity and Personal Finances, Technology, Etiquette and How to Charter. These workshop selections cater to both small and large groups as well as collegiate and alumni members. Saturday afternoon consists of a formal ritual and, for alumni and graduating seniors, the Fraternity for Life Ritual. Saturday evening concludes with the Regional Banquet culminating in awards and a keynote speaker.

Learn more about Regional Leadership Conferences at tke.org/rlc

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has aimed to continue the tradition of the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy by cultivating leaders, providing them with the tools and application of a solid life skills portfolio in a controlled environment. The National Founders, and their leadership styles, are shown as the prime examples to challenge the current process and inspire all members to have a shared vision for the future vitality of the Fraternity.

Only by developing a full understanding of attendees’ personal values, and the values of the Fraternity, can aspiring leaders truly begin the journey of leadership in TKE and beyond. Building better groups across TKE Nation begins with these men who take the time to develop their abilities.

Through a sequenced and balanced blend of workshops, small group discussions, outdoor activities and keynote speakers, each attendee is influenced at a personal level and will discover new boundaries mentally, morally and socially. The curriculum will take deeper looks at Scholarship, Character, Leadership, Teamwork, Service and Brotherhood. By thinking critically and rising to lead us into our future, each Leadership Academy Teke will walk away more focused, dedicated and having a new sense of the concept of fraternity.

Learn more about Leadership Academy at tke.org/tkela.


Conclave 2024

On February 17, 1909, Tau Kappa Epsilon held its first Conclave in the Alpha chapter house living room at Illinois Wesleyan University as a celebration of Fraternity, chapter and member accomplishments. Aside from the opportunity to recognize the work accomplished over the biennium, Conclave continues to serve as the legislative system for proposed adjustments to The Black Book. Additionally, the Fraternity’s Grand Council (Board of Directors) is voted to serve a two-year term on one of eight available positions.

Originally attended by only a few dozen members, the Fraternity’s Greatest Spectacle has grown in pomp and circumstance over the past century. Today, Conclave is attended by nearly 800 members every biennium on odd-numbered years.

During August 6-9, 2015, New Orleans served as the host city for Conclave. Concluding the event, it was announced that New Orleans would once again serve as the host city during the next biennium. Thus, making the Crescent City the host of eight of the Fraternity’s 59 Conclaves.

At each Conclave, collegiate and alumni, friends and family members all are welcome to join the celebration. The four-day, three-night event includes a friends and family program touring the host city, a community service project, educational programming, and a Grand Inaugural ceremony to close.

Learn more about Conclave at tke.org/conclave