The William V. Muse Alumni Volunteer Academy is Now Virtual!

Investing in Our Vital Resources to Build a Championship Culture in TKE

The William V. Muse Alumni Volunteer Academy is designed as TKE’s premier volunteer training opportunity. This program invests in the individual to develop their personal leadership and mentoring style. Sessions will be led by the Professional Staff and additional leaders in the Fraternity. The program features both pre-recorded videos as well as live webinars to learn from and answer your questions directly.

Utilizing lessons taught at both the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership Academy and key principles from Past Grand Prytanis Dr. William V. Muse’s research on leadership and management in the fraternity world, the AVA helps train TKE volunteers to truly build Better Men for a Better World on campuses across North America.

This program is more than simply learning what the Key Result Areas are for the year or how to use the TKE Chapter Module. It explores the volunteer mindset to help you visualize the big picture of how to play an impactful role in TKE's success for decades to come. It aids your growth as a leader in the Fraternity’s mission to aid men in their mental, moral and social development for life.

The 2020 Virtual Alumni Volunteer Academy is open to any TKE volunteer interested in participating. All you have to do is simply register using the link below and you will receive an email next week from the TKE Education Team with further information regarding workshops, scheduling and webinar links. Please sign up by Monday, May 18th to ensure you are included in the forthcoming communications. With the challenging upcoming fall semester, it's vital that our volunteers are leading the way to our Expectation of Excellence.

Together, we can further our Expectation of Excellence in TKE. Apply today to be a part of an outstanding opportunity for both you and TKE.

Volunteers are the key to TKE's future success. They are invaluable and we must invest more in them to reach our potential as an organization.

- Frater Donald E. Aldrich -


Below is our schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've brought back the Alumni Volunteer Academy to help grow our beloved Fraternity.

When are applications due?

Registrations are due May 18th.

How many individuals can attend?

Because the 2020 Alumni Volunteer Academy is virtual, there is no limit to the number of participants.

Who is the program designed for?

The Alumni Volunteer Academy is built to fit a wide range of volunteer experience - both first and long term volunteers - willing to learn the ins and outs of a quickly changing landscape and open to explore and develop your personal leadership style.

When and where will be the program held?

The virtual program will exist on YouTube and Zoom. Videos will be released on June 8th. There will be three virtual webinars to discuss the content and answer your questions.

How much does this program cost?

There is no cost to attend the virtual Alumni Volunteer Academy.

What are the expectations of the program?

The expectation for this virtual program is for you to watch the 9 videos and actively participate in the live webinars.

What You'll Learn

Alumni Volunteer Academy will focus on the development of our alumni and increase their skill set as volunteers. Through training led by TKE Professional Staff members and others, each participant will walk away with a better understanding of their personal leadership style and a revised outlook on the future plans for the International Fraternity. In addition, the following topics will be addressed and specifically tailored to different positions in TKE’s volunteer ranks.

Chapter Advisor

  • Increased skills to assist your chapter or colony in KRA achievement, including recruitment, financial planning, and St. Jude Fundraising.
  • Understand how the KRA scorecard is built and impacts the chapter you advise.
  • Teachings on the current generation of college students and how to most effectively address and communicate with them.
  • Assist your chapter with officer transitions to ensure continued, year-to-year, success.
  • Meet with other Chapter Advisors to share best practices and techniques.

Board of Advisors Chairman

  • Refine your leadership abilities as the point person for the BoA and, by extension, all alumni from your chapter.
  • Evaluate the structure of your chapter’s Board of Advisors to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Understand the day-to-day operations of a collegiate chapter to best understand how the BoA can support their goals.
  • Specific information for those Board of Advisors who manage a chapter house.
  • Discussion on TKE insurance policy to increase knowledge of support provided to BoA members.
  • Interact with other BoA Chairmen to share best practices and techniques.

Board of Advisors Officer or Member

  • Explore the most effective and efficient practices for running and operating a Board of Advisors.
  • Learn about effective communication strategies with today’s college students to ensure a strong relationship between the BoA and the chapter officers.
  • Discussion on TKE insurance policy to increase knowledge of support provided to BoA members.
  • Interact with other BoA members to share best practices and techniques.

Alumni Association Officer

  • Work with TKE HQ on compiling a valuable and accurate contact list of chapter alumni.
  • Improve your event-planning process for alumni association gatherings.
  • Recruit new members to your alumni association.
  • Manage your Alumni Association’s social media activity.
  • Interact with other alumni association officers to share best practices and techniques.

Grand Province Advisor

  • Improve your management of a productive, efficient team of Province volunteers.
  • Recruit new Province Advisors and build your province team to increase impact on groups in your province and better manage your personal workload as a GPA.
  • Teachings on the current generation of college students and how to most effectively address and communicate with them.
  • Identify key focus areas in your province.
  • Improve Province Forum planning and efficiency.
  • Interact with other GPAs to share best practices and techniques.

Province Advisor

  • Understand the attributes of a successful province team and your role in achieving that success.
  • Evaluate your role within the province team and the TKE volunteer ranks moving forward.
  • Teachings on the current generation of college students and how to most effectively address and communicate with them.
  • Interact with other Province Advisors to share best practices and techniques.

Alumnus Interested in Getting Involved

  • Explore the different volunteer positions available to you and where you may fit in within the TKE volunteer team.
  • Define expectations for yourself as a TKE volunteer and alumnus.
  • Interact with our top TKE volunteers and gather information on serving TKE moving forward.

Graduating Senior

  • Evaluate the expectations of continuing to serve TKE past graduation and where your talents can best be utilized.
  • Understand relationships and impacting in interacting with college students as a recent graduate.
  • Network with other volunteers and learn how TKE can assist in building connections for your future.
  • Reflect on your college experience to frame your volunteer experience moving forward.