View the Black Book

Tau Kappa Epsilon’s International Constitution and Bylaws can be found in The Black Book. Chapters and emerging chapters may request a copy of the document for free. Executive board members are expected to have a thorough understanding of the content associated in the publication, although there is no test to analyze member comprehension.

There are no secret or sensitive pieces of information contained in this book. It’s recommended every member take the opportunity to read the entirety of The Black Book to ensure a complete understanding of the Fraternity’s structure, emerging chapter and chapter requirements, and membership criteria. Unlike The Black Book, sensitive information regarding the Fraternity’s ritual and secrets can be found in The Silver Book.

Changes to The Black Book are made every other year during the Fraternity’s conclave, which is held during even-numbered years. The entirety of this publication can be found for general use using the link below.

Download the 2022-2024 Black Book