It's time to author the next chapter of TKE history.

Our Dedication to Inclusion

Desired Aims & Outcomes

Tau Kappa Epsilon aspires to become the leading 21st century college fraternity with a focused mission on building better men who, in turn, will build a better world. We will define our success by how well we:

Advance our members’ character and personal development so that society is enriched by their leadership and contributions throughout their lives;

We define this as …

Advancing character and personal development means unlocking the potential for each man to be a great college graduate and productive citizen. A Teke is a man who is trustworthy and lives the values enunciated in our Declaration of Principles, helping each member integrate love, charity, and esteem into his daily life.

We will accomplish this by …

Delivering high quality networking and learning opportunities that reinforce TKE’s core beliefs so they are displayed in the conduct of our members. We will effectively communicate our core beliefs in our programs, communications and outreach, enunciating our values so that our members and the public know what being a Teke means.

Create the definitive fraternity experience for our collegiate and alumni members so that they enjoy personal development and fulfillment through training, experience and opportunities and successfully contribute to society.

We define this as …

The Fraternity strives to make the Teke experience something special for every man – collegiate and alumnus alike. A Teke will excel academically, treat his fellow Fraters and others with respect and dignity, and have the opportunity to network with others who share these beliefs and experiences. The Teke experience begins at affiliation and continues throughout life, and the Fraternity strives to provide this experience for every man who meets our membership criteria, without regard to wealth, rank, or honor, but based on their personal worth and character.

We will measure our success by …

The number of Fraters who take advantage of our right portfolio of fraternal interaction opportunities for our members, the number of Fraters who meet our academic performance standards for our chapter and our collegiate members, and the number of alumni who are involved with the Fraternity and network with each other post-graduation. Each Frater will view the TKE experience as a significant value-added aspect of their lives.

Develop servant leaders who will make a positive impact on society and help build a better world for the generations that follow.

To us, this means …

Tekes work individually and collaboratively to make the world a better place. We do this by contributing to society through the personal growth of our members, and service to others. We aim to assist worthy causes through our time, talent, and treasure, and help make our Fraters and fellow man aware of our shared mutual obligation to build a better world.

We will measure our success by …

We will demonstrate this by partnering with worthy philanthropic causes and providing quality community service activities for our members. We will make a measurable difference in our world through our actions – in terms of time, work, and financial resources.

By enhancing our members’ character development, leadership skills, and producing a quality fraternity experience, we aim to be widely recognized as the leading college fraternity so that we will attract the highest caliber men for membership.

To us, this means …

TKE will be widely recognized as a high quality college fraternity, with exceptional members, who make a positive impact in the world. Our members and chapters represent the quintessential example of the positive elements of fraternity life, and this success is reflected at the individual, campus, community, and national levels. Our members share a common values set in a social environment that fosters personal development, responsibility, and accountability through a wide range of experiential opportunities, aimed at better preparing our members for a productive life- both in and out of college.

Tekes are men from diverse backgrounds, but the TKE Nation is one which unites us all in a common bond, where we make an immeasurably positive impact on the lives of every member, in every community, and around the world.