It's time to author the next chapter of TKE history.

Our Dedication to Inclusion


RLC 2020 Schedule Preview


4-8pmRegistration and Vendor Hall Open
7:30pmKickoff Reception
General Session - The Expectation of Excellence w/Donnie Aldrich
Small Group Breakouts
Fraternity for Life Ceremony


8-9amRegistration Open
8:00-8:45amCoffee with the Grand Council (3 Unique Workshops Per Location)
9am-4pmVendor Hall Open
9am-11amGeneral Session - Building a Championship Culture w/ Greg Roskopf
General Session - St. Jude Fundraising - The Drive to $10mm in 10 years
11:15-NoonSmall Group Breakouts
1:30-2:15pmMock Interviews
TKE Staff Roundtables (Regional Director, Recruitment, Finance and Alumni)
2:30-3pmGeneral Session - Execution and Results w/ Donnie Aldrich
3:15-4pmWorkshop Block 1 (Recruiting with your Brand, Celebrating the Bond, Building Your Brotherhood and Addressing Member Finances)
4:15-5pmWorkshop Block 2 (Recruitment - Selling the TKE Experience, The TKE Foundation, Reducing Risk, Professionalism and Dressing for Success)
5:15-5:45pmSmall Group Breakouts
6pmNetworking Reception


Value For Your Dollar. You won't find another weekend that provides you more value for such a great price.

This is your opportunity to gain skills necessary to succeed on campus, in your chapter or colony and your chosen field. From business majors to fine art students to engineers and scientists, you will find value in developing your abilities as a Frater.

Network. Take advantage and interact with Fraters from all over TKE Nation.

You will have the chance to network and share ideas with Grand Council members, Foundation Board Members, Local and Regional Based Volunteers as well as additional TKE VIP’s and the Fraternity Staff. We’ve created the space for you to grow your TKE experience with Fraters overcoming similar challenges on campus and in life to compare what has worked and how further successes can be attained.

Create Your Path. Customize your schedule and attend the sessions that interest you.

Whether you’ve just accepted a bid or are a 50 year veteran of TKE service, Regional Leadership Conferences offer a chance to fulfill your obligation of brotherhood in the bond: to develop your abilities and contribute them. Join us at any of the four locations!

The TKE Nation Podcast Recorded On Location at RLC 2020

Get an inside look at what you can expect from a Regional Leadership Conference with the TKE Nation Podcast! With so many learning opportunities offered at each location, we aren't able to record it all, but these episodes feature glimpses of what you can expect when you attend this amazing growth opportunity.


"Ritual was amazing to see on that large of a scale."

"This was the first TKE Nation event I have ever been to and I had a fantastic time."

"Had an amazing time at RLC. So glad that I had this opportunity to grow my love for the Fraternity with other Fraters in the Bond!"



We have the Expectation of Excellence in Tau Kappa Epsilon. The statistics show that groups who attend the Regional Leadership Conferences are more successful.

Are you ready to take your chapter/colony to the next level?

Infopraphic on Attending RLC

Your Chapter/Colony Will Become Stronger. Groups who send 4 or more people to RLC recruit better.

Attendees at RLC attend sessions on how to better recruit new members from the experts. On average, the groups who send four or more to the RLCs have nearly six more candidates per academic year and initiate five additional members compared to groups who send less than four. Imagine what having five more members could do to help your group be more successful.

Your Chapter/Colony Will Become More Philanthropic. Groups who send 4 or more people to a Regional Leadership Conference raise more money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Attendees at RLC attend sessions on how to better engage their campuses and utilize existing fundraising platforms provided by St. Jude. On average, the groups who send four or more to the RLCs raise 3x more money for St. Jude, totaling almost $3,500 more compared to groups who send less than four. Imagine the impact you can make on the children of St. Jude.

Your Chapter/Colony Can Be Recognized. Groups who send 4 or more people have better Key Results Area scores.

Attendees at RLC are more well-versed in how to become an award winning chapter/colony. On average, the groups who send four or more to the RLCs have a higher KRA score of nearly 27% higher compared to groups who send less than four. In turn, these groups are likely more eligible to win Excellence Awards, 100% KRA awards or the coveted Top TKE Chapter. Imagine what being recognized by the International Headquarters does to improve your on-campus reputation.


"All workshops were extremely beneficial in helping me bring back valuable information to my chapter."

"I really enjoyed attending the RLC and took away a lot to help improve myself as an officer and to push my chapter toward a Top TKE award."

"It was very informative and really inspired me to bring some change at my local chapter."

Regional Leadership Conference 2020 Pricing

We are providing a better experience for you at our redesigned Regional Leadership Conference.

Free TKE Swag!

Special Quad Discount Special Offer! For every four individuals registered in a quad from a single chapter/colony, a $60 discount ($15 per person) will be applied to the total cost of registration. Register during the early bird to secure your rates as low as $180/person.


Free TKE Swag!

Volunteer Early Bird Special Special Offer! Limited to volunteers serving either as a Grand Province Advisor, Province Advisor, Chapter Advisor or serving on the Board of Advisors.


Free Swag!

Dec 12th
Early Bird
Special Must register by Dec. 12th at 11:59 p.m. pacific. Each early bird receives free TKE swag!




No Housing

Rate Available after Early Bird expires until January 13 at 11:59 p.m. pacific.




No Housing

Your last chance for a discount for the best RLC experience you've ever had.




No Housing

Rate Your absolute last chance to participate in this excellent program.




No Housing


Special Projects

Your Special Projects Fund is money kept by the TKE Foundation to support your chapter’s educational initiatives. Included in those initiatives are registration costs to TKE conferences, such as the Regional Leadership Conference. If you have alumni looking to donate and support their home chapter, utilize Special Projects as an outlet for tax-deductible donations to be made.

When you register for your RLC, your Special Projects Fund balance will appear on the payment page, and you can choose to utilize any or all of the money in that account, provided there is a $200 minimum balance available and is approved by your Board of Advisors Chairman.

Now is the time to start your fundraising campaign to bolster your account.

Learn More
Make a Donation

School Funding

Many colleges and universities set aside money in their student activities budget to support students in campus organizations who attend educational conferences. Don’t wait until December to look into this possibility.

Go to your Fraternity & Sorority Life or Student Government offices today and ask about financial support for the Regional Leadership Conference. Often times, all you have to do is fill out and application with the details of the conference, and your school will help offset some or all of the costs for you and your brothers to attend.

Download the School
Funding Document

Chapter Credits

You may have noticed a ‘credits available’ line in your financial summary on the TKE Chapter Module. Chapter Credits can be added to your statement for various reasons and once added, they can be applied to outstanding invoices, including Regional Leadership Conference registrations. To utilize chapter credits, select it as a method of payment when you come to the final step in your registration. Our financial team will approve the usage of these credits, and you will have saved yourself and your chapter some money by upholding your financial obligations to the Fraternity.

Family Support

With Regional Leadership Conferences taking place just a month or two after Christmas, don’t forget to ask your family and friends to help you attend an event that will make you not only a better Frater, but a better man. You’ll find looking to make your chapter/colony, campus and community a better place is usually a cause worthy of financial backing from your parents, grandparents, and others close to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've enhanced the Regional Leadership Conferences this year. Here are the answers you need.

What is enhanced about Regional Leadership Conferences?

Responsive to your needs, we’ve aligned the program to exceed expectations. Regional Leadership Conferences will focus on developing a mix of leadership and management skills necessary for all TKE members.

For those starting their TKE journey, we provide opportunities to learn more about TKE Ritual, recruitment, and membership development. Want to learn more about what it takes to succeed beyond the classroom? We will provide education on personal finance, selling yourself or your ideas, and unlocking your potential through setting goals. The Regional Leadership Conferences will also focus on managing risk and promoting healthy habits. We’ve added additional general sessions with the top leaders in our Fraternity to put the lessons you learn at the RLC into action. And lastly, the Alumni Engagement Team along with the Regional Directors will provide opportunities for our alumni and volunteers to continue to develop and grow as leaders.

I went to a Province Forum. Why is the RLC different?

Province Forums are a half-day, drive-in event. Forums focus on the nuts and bolts of running a chapter or colony, specific to the local area. The RLC is built as the next level. We aim to take those skills and apply them as a leader in your group and your community. Also, Regional Leadership Conferences include catered meals such as the Grand Council Luncheon, VIP Networking Reception, two night hotel stay at a premier hotel property and two days of interaction with and instruction of TKE Volunteers, Professional Staff, Grand Council members and other TKE VIPs.

When Should I Arrive?

Registration will open at 4:00 p.m. local time on Friday. Opening events typically don't begin until 7 or 8 p.m. with ritual shortly there after. Feel free to enjoy the city!

I can't attend any longer. Can I get a refund?

Regional Leadership Conference registrations are transferable, not refundable. We can make name changes on-site without any issues.

What Should I Expect?

Expect to be challenged. Expect to get more from yourself the more you put in. Expect to meet TKE members from chapters and colonies all across TKE Nation. Expect to share what’s working on your campus and on theirs. Expect to have fun, responsibly. The RLC Event Schedule should help you understand what to expect at the Regional Leadership Conferences. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

VIP Guests to Expect?

You can expect members from both the Grand Council and the TKE Foundation Board. You can also expect TKE Staff and Volunteers. Guest speakers will be part of the festivities and in the past have included Order of the Golden Eagle winners, Past Grand Prytani, Past CEO’s of TKE, Grand Council members, TKE Foundation Board members, and alumni who will share the path to their success & the role TKE has played in it.


A full Ritual will occur on Friday evening. We will have an excellent team to initiate Fraters into our bond and allow us to reconnect with the principles of our fraternity. Think you are the best at ritual in TKE Nation? Inquire with your Regional Director to apply to be the ritual team at your RLC.


Formal ritual attire is required for Friday evening, and Saturday attire is business casual (polo or dress shirt and slacks). Please do not wear anything that can be considered offensive. You can be asked to change clothes or subject to removal from the hotel.


First and foremost, you can reference the schedule above to see some of the major changes we have put in place for the RLC this year. We have added general sessions that will allow you to learn from some of the best presenters in TKE, and then have the opportunity to break into smaller groups to debrief and digest what was discussed. This change will allow you and your chapter to take away the best available information from the RLC this year, rather than having pick between four or five workshops to attend. Additionally, every RLC features a different group of TKE staff members, volunteers, VIPs, and Grand Council members. Even if you’ve been to two or three RLCs, this experience will be unique, and we promise you will walk away with new knowledge, connections, and relationships.

Interested in becoming a vendor at the Regional Leadership Conferences?

Learn more about becoming a vendor