TKE Educational Foundation

Supporting the TKE Educational Foundation is a perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to aiding the Fraternity’s mission of building Better Men for a Better World. The mission of the TKE Educational Foundation is to establish and support scholarships and leadership training programs which promote academic achievement and strengthen moral, social, and community values.

The TKE Educational Foundation was created as a way to support the academic and leadership development goals of the Fraternity’s active collegiate membership. The Foundation has donated more than $400,000 in scholarships and grants across the Fraternity over the past fiscal year.

Each gift made by Fraters and friends of the Fraternity—no matter the size—truly enhances the Foundation’s ability to support Tekes of Today and Tomorrow. All gifts made to the TKE Educational Foundation are tax-deductible and goes toward scholarships, grants and other member and chapter specific projects. We encourage you to explore giving opportunities.

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Thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships are given exclusively to Tekes every year.

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