TKE Library: January 2018 Book Recommendation

TKE Library: January 2018 Book Recommendation

In December of 1939, THE TEKE began running ads and articles centered around the Teke Library. TKE has a long history with literature. Our Founders – Settles, McNutt, Mayer, Truitt and Atkinson - created the Knights of Classic Lore. A society whose avowed purpose was "to aid college men in mental, moral, and social development." This organization would later become what we know today as TKE but literature remained a strong focus for these men. With this appreciation for literature deeply rooted in TKE history, it is no surprise that Teke Libraries are also a part of our culture as a Fraternity.

In keeping with this tradition, we have started a new tradition. About once per month, a member of the TKE Headquarters staff, Grand Council member, or the TKE Educational Foundation team will recommend a book. Books will vary from topic to topic and will be centered around helping you to become a Better Man for a Better World.

This month's recommendation comes from Frater Garrett Thomas. Garrett is an initiate of the Upsilon-Iota chapter (IUPUI). He joined the staff in in 2017 as a Communications Specialist.

Antifragile: Things that gain from disorder
by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“Antifragile is modern philosophy at its finest. It looks at creating success by insulating yourself from harm in any area of life. Being resilient means that you get back up after taking a hit. Being antifragile means you didn't even feel the blow. From personal finance to business, to relationships, Antifragile is well worth the read.”
-Garrett Thomas

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